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Player Profile: #18 Djimi Traore

Mike Russell

In only two years Djimi Traore went from beloved scorer of goals, to 10th most important on the team, to barely edging out the rarely used backup keeper. Traore is almost certainly making Seattle his home, and probably going to be the Sounders 2 assistant coach.

Last year we saw him fade. Djimi only started 13 times after a year with 32 starts.

djimi traore graphic


Traore can shoot from distance, which isn't a great attribute to have in a centerback, but it can come in handy. He also likes to charge up the pitch on occasion. More of a boot-it-long type than a possession back. Not an initial target on set-pieces, but needs to be marked.


Enjoys playing a risky higher position to intercept ground balls, which he does well. But that leaves him open to balls over the top. Traore compensates for that with acrobatic over-heard clearances. It is risky, worked often enough, fun to watch and well, risky. Should be a secondary marker on set-pieces.


Slowing down and probably losing the burst that allows his risky defense.

Best Case 2015:

Ezra's assistant with Sounders 2.

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