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Player Profile: #16 Andy Rose

Could he crash into the most important eleven next year? Maybe.

Jane G. Photography

Andy Rose plays soccer. In some ways he plays soccer like Brad Evans. He's a central midfielder by trade who also plays on both sides as an outside mid, who stepped in as a centerback with the Reserves and probably had minutes in scrimmages as a full back. The important part for Rose? Playing soccer.

2014 was a pretty good year of soccer for Andy Rose. He and Cooper routed the Chicago Fire and Rose showed that even though he's a big broad body he is more than just a CDM that wins balls in the air. That is his exceptional skill. His flexibility is next. Overall he's a player that is pretty good at a lot of things, and awful at none.

Andy Rose graphic


If at the start of 2014 you thought Andy Rose would have more key passes per game than any non-starting CM you would be Andy Rose. He did actually do that while completing 80% of his passes, mostly short ones that maintain possession and pace for the Sounders. His decisive passes are simple and well executed, not the type to make a highlight reel. Showed strong development in heading on goal. Does not shoot from distance often. Crashes box with late runs. Can be a secondary target in set-piece situations.


Good at bodying others off the ball. Strong tackler. Can be beat by speed. Reads and occupies space well, but not fast enough to be an interceptor. Among the best in the league at winning aerial duels, and could likely do so in a defensive role. Does not get beat when marking on set-pieces.


Average MLS speed with a bit of quickness. Strong, broad frame that he willingly uses.

Best Case 2015:

Starts the season as the third CM picking up most of his time from Pineda with spot play as a RM, CDM and CB, but by the end of the year starting regularly.

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