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Major Link Soccer: Free agency still gumming up the works

Did Giovinco sell his soul? Why do billionaires create mega clubs? Is that Brad Evans doing a Kardashian impression?

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Garth Lagerwey is excited to be settling in to work at his new role with the Sounders. According to this interview with, he wants to blend the best of what the Sounders do with his best tricks from his RSL days.

Former MLS striker Ante Razov has officially made the move to the Sounders from the Galaxy system, replacing Ezra Hendrickson on the sidelines of the first team.

New Bremerton team Olympic Force will join the Evergreen Premier League this season. Scroll down here for an incredible photo, lets just say it plays off of the "Force" part of the name.

Brad Evans is very excited for preseason:

Preseason starts tomorrow. #popbottles

A photo posted by @bradrevans on

Major League Soccer

Rumors are swirling that talks between MLS and the Players Union are hitting some tough roadblocks. A delay to the start of the season seems like a real possibility at this point, though there is still plenty of time.

Lagerwey comments on how the lack of a CBA changes the calculus as teams try to build rosters.

The player representatives are speaking as well, and sounding some positive notes. Bobby Boswell tells Steven Goff he's optimistic and that there's still time to close the gap.

Real Salt Lake has been a prime example of how an MLS team can succeed by carving out a big niche in a smaller media market. RSL is set to announce what is expected to be a "substantial" new TV deal today.

It turns out you have to run a lot as a referee. Another thing - it helps when you are close to the play you are calling to make better judgments. Unsurprisingly, PRO has determined that MLS referees must pass the FIFA Men's Referee test.

Did Sebastian Giovinco sell his soul? Or at least his "footballing soul" whatever the hell that is? Did he effectively just end his career? He may have just fallen off the radar for many European fans, but it's a fair bet that he'll enjoy his giant paychecks and the potential of being a huge star and the face of his club (and even league, who knows?). A well-reasoned response to the haters.

John Strong will be exclusively a Fox Sports play-by-play announcer now, covering the network's MLS matches, the Women's World Cup, and other international events.

Toronto FC announced TFC II, their USL Pro team, complete with plans and renders for a new stadium.

What's it like to be an MLS Club supporter's group without an MLS Club? It kinda sucks.

US Soccer

Here's your regular "What's Juan Agudelo doing now?" update. The young striker has been without a club for eight months, but he may be on the verge of signing up with 1860 Munich, possibly replacing fellow American Bobby Wood.


In case this wasn't clear: many billionaires don't by soccer teams to make a profit, but, you know, to own a really good soccer team. Here's why they don't make money.

Tim Cahill does it again for the Socceroos:

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