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Open Flavor Friday - Personal Theme Songs and Laphroaig 10

This is your weekly off-topic thread.

Dave Clark

Let's take a little trip into the wayback machine. Once upon a time there was a show called Ally McBeal. It did some funky things, like play theme songs for every character. They were pop songs, sung by the Pips often enough, that McBeal heard in her head.

Often through the years I've thought "what's my theme song?" It varies, at times, but most often it is this;

You've got to trust your instinct
And let go of regret
You've got to bet onyourself now star
'Cause that's your best bet

There are times I just hum it to myself. It's a problem, I know it and I'm aware. But it's also my song.

So what's your theme song?

In flavor news, tonight I'm sipping on some Laphroaig 10 that a friend was kind enough to gift me. This is some truly incredibly stuff. Rich, deep peaty notes with a hint of smoke. It lacks the bite that cheaper whisky has. Basically it is a nectar.

There's a part of me that wishes I'd never tried great whisky, because now I don't want lesser varieties. Then again, that part of me is out walking Aslan while the rest of me is inside sipping on a heavenly beverage.

This is your weekly off-topic post.

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