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Clint Dempsey raps on America's Pregame: 'Might slap a Canuck with a hockey puck'

Yes, we transcribed it.

Clint Dempsey was at it again, rapping for a sports show host that wasn't sure what else to ask about ... or maybe this is all part of his plan. Dempsey is asked to rap so often, it seems, that maybe his "people" are encouraging these questions. Either way, here's his latest:

And because we care or simply because some of these lines might be useful on a two-pole someday, here's our transcription (thanks to agtk for doing this):

haters outta luck when I hop in the truck
cause these mud grips ain't getting stuck
I'm a country boy, still huntin bucks
I'm goin dumb with these nunchucks
kick it like Chuck, don't get struck
competition getting plucked like a sittin duck
best run and tuck, words run amok
might slap a Canuck with a hockey puck

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