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Player Profile: #25 Cam Weaver

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Kentwood Sown, Seattle's Own

Mike Russell

The last time Cam Weaver was a Sounder he dominated the league scoring 18 goals leading USL-1 in scoring. That was then. His return to Seattle saw him play a role as a deep reserve. With just 288 competitive minutes and over 30 Weaver's return to his hometown club did not have the on-field effect desired.


Weaver plays a typical target forward. Very willing to play with his back to the goal in hold up play. His feet aren't soft enough for regular minutes at the MLS level. Not a great passer, so he must capitalize on strong positioning and finish when chances come. Weaver scored with the Reserve team.


He can chase the ball on a turnover and body during set-pieces.


Cam is big and broad, willingly using his frame to do dirty work. Too slow to lead a fast break as forwards on counter should do.

Best Case 2015:

Cam Weaver's best use in 2015 would be as a leader of the young men on Sounder 2. He knows what it is like to succeed at lower levels and turn that into a nine-year pro. He comes from the places they come. Weaver is unlikely to get significant minutes at either the MLS or USL PRO level.