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Major Link Soccer: Big guns enter the MLS expansion picture

Sacramento Republic really wants to be the next MLS team. Some other rich and prominent Bay Area figures agree. MLS Live is back, and pricier. Also, are we mocking Nagbe for the right reasons?

Will Sacramento Republic players soon be tugging more MLS jerseys?
Will Sacramento Republic players soon be tugging more MLS jerseys?
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The team is in Southern California continuing training, and not producing a lot of news. Check out the official site's recap of the day's work.

Chad Barrett (who, incidentally, really needs to update his Twitter account background image) had his own recap:

Yesterday we shared that Freddy Adu may have offers to join MLS clubs, likely for a fairly small contract. Then Dave Clark gave a detailed look at why the Sounders should offer Adu a shot at a roster spot.

Major League Soccer

In the continuing saga of the MLS/Players Union collective bargaining agreement, well, things are about the same. Indications are that there is still quite a bit of distance between the two groups on at least two issues: compensation and advancing free agency rights.

Jeremiah would like to help catch you up with his frank conversation about the CBA negotiations.

MLS Players Union executive director Bob Foose lays out the union's position pretty clearly in this Q&A and helps explain some of the sticking points.

Despite some confusion, the MLS Live streaming service is in fact back for the 2015 season. The price has increased to $64.99, and regional and national blackouts continue to be in place, so no good news for cord cutters there.

Darlington Nagbe only scored one goal in MLS in 2014, a fact that Sounders fans enjoy mocking at every opportunity. But Nagbe is obviously a very good player, so what went wrong and are his critics evaluating him the right way?

Toronto FC have signed French midfielder Benoit Cheyrou, a defensive-minded mid who played for Marseille and slots into a pretty stacked midfield.

There's one really good way to get noticed in the clamor for the next MLS expansion spot - money, and lots of it. Sacramento Republic announced that San Francisco 49'ers CEO Jed York will be an investor in the team. This comes days after the team added the Sacramento Kings ownership as investors as well.


Just click this to see Christian Eriksen score one of the prettiest and most inch-perfect free kick goals you've ever seen.

I mean who throws his shoe? Honestly...

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