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Major Link Soccer: Fabian Johnson, USMNT grounded by Jurgen Klinsmann

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Following a tough weekend, the USMNT continue to crash to earth.

Fabian Johnson is the latest player to be sent to their proverbial room.
Fabian Johnson is the latest player to be sent to their proverbial room.
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Washington State

The Tacoma Bowl will be closed for extensive repairs following a storm this weekend, leading to the relocation of several Soccer and Football games.

Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer is going to begin experimenting with video officials assisting the on-field crew. Hopefully this goes smoother than Don Garber's Twitter password management.

Toronto FC named a new president, hoping to find stability in the management of the club.

The World

In what might be an all too familiar for Seattle residents, another dubious stadium deal has arisen, this time in Afghanistan.

United States

Jurgen Klinsmann continues to tinker with just how many people he can fit under a bus, Fabian Johnson being the latest.

Stars and Stripes FC brings up the possibility that Jurgen's ideologies have not pushed the team any farther than it previously has achieved.

In a much more successful move than my thematically similar attempt to get Rashida Jones to go to my prom, these high schoolers have been hosting a College Football Podcast in their basement, with high profile media members none the wiser.