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Sounders-Galaxy match will be played on NFL lines

For the third time in seven season markings for the Seattle Seahawks will be on the XBox Pitch at CenturyLink Field.

Sharing a stadium has created a certain number of advantages for Seattle Sounders FC. They get this flexible seating arrangement where most matches are merely 40,000 or so people, but sometimes they can get 67,000 to attend. They don't have to worry about booking the facility for the other 345 days a year when they are not playing soccer. They play in a world-class facility, located in downtown Seattle.

But there are a few disadvantages, as well, and one of those will be highlighted when the LA Galaxy visit town for a nationally televised match on FoxSports 1 in which a crowd of at least 55,000 is expected:

It was not immediately clear if there will be a full gridiron with Seahawks markings in the endzone or some kind of limited version. There have been two different setups on the other occasions when a scheduling conflict has forced this kind of compromise, but either way they have dominated the relatively spartan lines of soccer.

Don Ruiz now has the full quote regarding the decision to have the lower level of markings of the previous two matches with NFL lines.

This is only the third time in seven years, which Hanauer calls "a good average."

This is the first MLS match back from a three-week road trip for the Sounders that just happened to overlap the two-week road trip that the Seahawks had to start their season. It is possible that the combined MLS and NFL schedules would not allow slight shift in those trips to give a late-season match against the Galaxy an unblemished field, but the optics of the planning is poor.

In an ideal world the Sounders could have their own stadium. It would take hundreds of millions of private dollars to get something that is large enough for their core audience and located in a decent part of the metro area. Then there would not be this problem of NFL lines, and probably not the FieldTurf problem. It's easy to volunteer other people's money for this dream scenario.

It's also easy to just watch some dudes run around and play soccer with other markings on the field. Whether there are yellow soccer lines with some white and blue Seahawks adornment will matter much less if the Sounders beat LA.

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