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Hey Sounders fans, leave your Stevie G shirts at home tonight

He's the enemy tonight, at least hide your traitorous ways.

Don't be this guy.
Don't be this guy.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I get it. Your family is from Liverpool and you were born bleeding red and white. Or you went there one summer and fell in love with Anfield while taking the tour. Or maybe you just like their colors. Whatever. Steven Gerrard is probably important to you. He's a Liverpool legend. Fine.

But don't wear your ugly-ass Stevie G shirt tonight if you're a Sounders fan. You don't have to boo him. It might be fine if you need to quietly applaud his introduction. But don't you dare openly cheer for him once the game starts. It's bad form, it's annoying and you better not act surprised when people give you dirty looks (let's hope not much worse).

There weren't a ton of Liverpool shirts at CenturyLink Field when the Galaxy visited earlier this month, but there were definitely more than a few. So, you got it out of your system. This is the playoffs. This is a win-or-go-home match. There's no room for mixed allegiances.

Of course, we know the CenturyLink Field ushers are super nice and accommodating, so they probably won't actually kick you out of your seats for breaking these basic rules. Don't expect the same treatment if you're in the Brougham End, though.

I've double-checked and they've assured me that they are perfectly reasonable when it comes to national-team shirts. You might even get away with wearing a Chad Barrett-Chicago Fire shirt (but why do you have that thing?!?!). Mostly, this is aimed at Liverpool fans. Be smart.

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