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A new King shall be crowned

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And word traveled the lands, for on the field of Ecksbaux the King had fallen. King Bruce ruled for many years, only losing the crown for a brief moment back in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Thirteen. Even when he didn't rule, our lands were subjected to suspicion and fear of his mercenary knights. The message traveled like lightning.

And the Earls, Barons and Dukes looked over the land and said "This could be ours. Let us take it." The war started in earnest. Quickly that short-term King Vermes left the contest. His forces struggled with the forest-bound brethren in southern Cascadia. Two from the Principality of the North remained, one in the furthest west and the other on their eastern reaches. Only seven Earls and Barons remained, with our Duke. Their challenge was clear: Show the people of the Maleasocc that they shall rule.

In earnest, they all saw the absence of the King. Each thought they could rule, but all the others were in the way. It is a future to be won with the support of their peoples. We, in the Heart of Cascadia, rulers of this Duchy, will muster.

I have no sword, yet I answer the call to arms. Sigi is my Duke, the last remaining of the former Kings. He needs my voice. Sunday we are to report, thousands at the ready. Sunday we are to face the men of the Bull with their upstart Earl, no awards on his chest.

Together we do this. Together we back our eighteen knights. It has ended early so often, but I am strong. Your presence lends me that strength. Your voice is my voice. Together, we are heard. Our knights shall prevail, Sunday on the Field of Ecksbaux.

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