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Some "fans" took out their frustrations on Zach Scott's family

Meanwhile, his teammates were nothing but supportive.

Mike Russell/Sounder at Heart

Zach Scott did not have a great game. The Seattle Sounders center back misplayed a couple balls and, most notably, had a very loose pass that led directly to the LA Galaxy's only goal. But he also won all eight of his aerial duels, made five interceptions, was credited with four clearances and was at least partially responsible for Giovanni Dos Santos being held completely in check.

But whatever you think of Scott's performance, this kind of behavior is completely unacceptable and these "fans" need to seriously consider some of their life choices:

Hopefully, Scott's family was not verbally or physically assaulted in the stadium, but even if this was only online there's no way we as a fan base should tolerate that kind of behavior. Scott has been an absolutely selfless servant of this club for much longer than most of us have even been fans and he, of all people, is least deserving of this kind of treatment.

Luckily, his teammates were much more honorable in how they dealt with the situation.

Captain Brad Evans on what he said to Scott: "You don't say anything there. It's, let's go, pick the ball out of the net and we carry on. Zach will be the first one to tell you that, he'll raise his hand and it's squashed and it's done. A guy who's done so much for the club and a guy who bleeds rave green, you don't say shit. You put your head up, you move on and you get after it."

And Chad Barrett, who scored the game-tying goal and ensured Scott's mistake wouldn't be the main talking point: "[Scott] makes a play today, a play he never makes, and he comes up to me and says thank you. It was so unnecessary; he does so much for our club and he played so great throughout the game. It's just one slip-up; anybody could do it and it happens and it was great to be able to repay him and just to hear that crowd. I love hearing that crowd."

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