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Major Link Soccer: Coke, McDonalds to fight Blatter

Unlike the typical order of things, where my bladder fights McDonald's and Coke

Such variety!
Such variety!
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports


Osvaldo Alonso, fresh off a terrific performance in front of his pappi, was named to the MLS All Time Best Hispanic XI as an alternate. Cuauhtémoc Blanco was named a starter, but we're simply assuming that was a typo.


California's Del Rey City SC will be wearing the US Open Cup on their shirts when they start qualification play this month. #ConflictofInterest?

A confluence of issues (mostly related to stadium situations) have forced the Austin Aztex to abandon the 2016 season, but they're expected back in 2017.


With Messi out for a few months, Neymar is being asked to take on the scoring load for FC Barcelona. And he's trying, but maybe Horseshoes is more his game. If you thought watching the Sounders try to score is agony, you might not want to watch this vine.

Soccer fans have pleaded with Sepp Blatter to step down for months years to no avail. We'll see if threats from Coca-Cola and McDonald's will convince him with their advertising dollars that it's time for him to move on. Then again, his automatic replacement may be even worse.

Matt Ufford thinks we can end FIFA and prop up some other corrupt organization in its place. Yeah Matt, I'm talking about you! You're a celebrity now.

I had thought that all those Liverpool jerseys at the match last night were there for Steven Gerrard, but maybe they were actually celebrating the end of the Brendan Rogers era.

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