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Everything you wanted to know about #YachtCon15 but were afraid to ask

This weekend is all about #USAvMEX. We're even throwing a viewing party. You should come! But there's an even bigger Sounder at Heart-associated event coming right around the corner: #yachtcon15 (Oct. 24 from 2-6 p.m.), which will be celebrating the podcast's 200th episode. We're about to tell you everything you need to know about the premier yacht-themed, podcast celebration in the Pacific Northwest.

Why is it called #Yachtcon15?

You may have noticed that Nos Audietis has taken up a bit of a yachting theme over the years. One time, they even hosted a live show at the Seattle Boat Show. If you're really interested in the origins, we recommend you read this. But the short answer is that we just think it's funny.

Is this the 15th version of the event?

No, it's pretty much the first. You could fudge and call it the second, since we did something similar for episode 100. But the "15" is just a fun way of adding some weight to the name by tagging the year on at the end.

Will there be actual boats at the event?

No, probably not. There will be yacht-themed outfits, though, and even some props for our photo booth.

What will be happening?

There's going to be a few different panels featuring some former players, some front-office types and likely a demonstration on how to properly wear an ascot.


Oh yeah, we're selling ascots. We're also selling shirts. You can order them here, but don't wait long as there will be a limited number available for those who don't order before Oct. 12.

What do they look like?


How about the shirts?


Where's the money going?

All proceeds from the event will be given to the PBMU at Seattle Children's Hospital. You an also donate directly to them here.

Will there be food and/or drinks available?

There will! We'll be pouring beer, wine and other non-alcoholic beverages and we're hoping to have a food truck selling food.

How much is admission?

Admission is free. All that we ask is that you give whatever you think you would have otherwise paid to SCH. We'll be collecting donations.

I want to go!

Great, all you need to do is RSVP here. We're almost out of room and space is limited, though, so don't wait too long. Please don't just show up without an RSVP.

Any other information I need?

The event is on Oct. 24 from 2-6 p.m. at Full Pull Wines in SoDo. Come prepared to have fun.

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