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Latino supporters' group disillusioned by Joe Roth's comments

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Photo courtesy of La Barra Fuerza Verde

On the night that Joe Roth effectively handed over his controlling interest of the Seattle Sounders to Adrian Hanauer, the Hollywood producer went out with quite a bang. In between defending Sigi Schmid's coaching performance and bemoaning the existence of the away-goals rule and ties, Roth also made a highly insensitive remark about how Guatemala and Nicaragua are both "cocaine distributors."

Putting the comment in context didn't do him much favors either, as he was attempting to make a joke about why he misstated which country Marco Pappa played for.

La Barra Fuerza Verde, the Latino subgroup of Emerald City Supporters, issued this response on Friday:

In response to the Sounders' perceived failure to effectively reach out to Latino fans, Hanauer acknowledged some shortcomings and pledged to do better.

As of Friday afternoon, the Sounders have made no official comment about Roth's comments.