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Sigi Schmid foresees "most eventful offseason in MLS history"

Sounders head coach gives few specifics for the Sounders, but Schmid hinted at some changes to the roster.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

To hear Sigi Schmid tell it at Wednesday's end-of-year media event, this will "probably be the most eventful offseason in MLS history." Schmid knows of what he speaks, having been a coach in the league since 1999 and being a close observer of it ever since its inception. The veteran head coach thinks this will be the "toughest year for players...the middle income players are going to be squeezed out for various teams", which would create a lot of movement.

Schmid was not so bold about how all of that would directly affect the Sounders. While he acknowledged the Sounders will -- like a lot of teams -- move toward a younger roster and need to add some speed, he was also not ready give up on his veteran-heavy squad.

"There are only two kinds of players: good players and bad players," Schmid said, driving home his point that he just wants good players of any age.

As for Osvaldo Alonso, who is rumored to be on the trading block, Schmid said that while he wants the defensive midfielder to stay, his hands are tied as to the player's future. It does seem that a potential move for Alonso could set off transfer chain reaction for the Sounders: "At the moment, I couldn't say which way it's going to go. A juggler usually has three or four balls in the air. We've got about 10 balls in the air right now. Once one of those balls hits the ground, it could determine the next stage."

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