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Major Link Soccer: Athens Derby cancelled

After a player was hit with a flare from the stands, one of the world's most fierce rivalries was called off

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Seattle Sounders FC Owner Joe Roth isn't always the most enlightening of speakers, but had some interesting things to say when talking to about turf, stadiums, and his fellow owners.

Even in the offseason, the Reign are scoring: Kim Little netted twice against Haley Kopmeyer for Melbourne FC in the W-League.

Jordan Schweitzer played his final collegiate match over the weekend. Is a Sounders contract next?


With all the penalty kicks we've been seeing in the MLS Cup Playoffs, it might be worth refreshing on just how soccer's most boring score works.

Kendall Waston will be back with Vancouver Whitecaps next year after signing a contract extension with the Canadian club.

In honor of all the stoppage-time losses they've suffered, Sporting KC is renaming their building "Mercy Park". They'll look at the sky and scream "Spare Us" And we shall whisper "no".

St Louis just completed a successful inaugural USL season, but for all the prestigious soccer history the town has, MLS appears to still be out of reach.


Among the most visible sports owners in the country, Mark Cuban uses his platform to make his voice heard. This week on Cuban Watch: League of Legends is a "real sport."

We won't be going into the current refugee crisis either in this story or in the comments section (you'll have to go to my Facebook page for that (kidding, DON'T DO THAT)) but CNN has a story about how soccer has helped refugees transition into their new American lives.


One of the nice things about Cascadia games is that the players don't have to fear for their lives. That isn't true in other places like Greece, where one of the biggest games of the year was called off when a player was hit with a flare before the start of the match.

Barcelona had to rely on Neymar for a few weeks in Messi's absence, and it went pretty well. But Neymar's tax shenanigans could get him removed from the team.

Do you remember "Jerry Maguire?" Would you want Tom Cruise's character from that film to own part of your soccer team?

Canada is still struggling to develop World Cup talent.

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