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Open Flavor Friday: Leftovers, shopping and fantasies

This is your weekly open thread to talk all things not-soccer-related with the Sounder at Heart community. This series will continue until competitive matches dominate weekend content again.

As North American club soccer wraps up and the month of festivities and food got its start yesterday it is time to bring back Open Flavor Friday. Every weekend there will be an open thread for off-topic chatter among this large community of Sounders fans that share more than just soccer. It starts off with leftovers.


We didn't host Thanksgiving this year. Which made clean-up and cooking a lot easier, but puts a huge dent in the "leftovers" department. We have some stuff so I'll be able to do my traditional turkey pot pie, but I still may do a little turkey breast day for Kristin and myself.

Sometimes you just want to eat food that tastes good on day two, day three and day four.


I'm flawed. I love being at shopping malls and shopping neighborhoods on Black Friday. I hate buying stuff, but it's a lot of fun to have a coffee or hot cider and watch the chaos. At least it's more fun than working retail (as I did for about a decade).

As someone who enjoys telling stories, there's something to be said to seeking the raw emotions of families and friends out trying to please each other while spending lots of money. Joy, hunger, smiles and sniping all get wrapped into an experience that people repeat every year.

Do you avoid Black Friday?


Full Moon Storytellingis my home for short-stories and blogging about Dungeons & Dragons. There I've built a world where the bond between man and beast is the key magic in the land. Rather than fling magic missiles, fireballs and turn invisible the people use their dogs, birds, horses, etc as tools, but they are also family members. A character will risk their life to save their beloved goat companion.

It's a different twist on the typical fantasy setting. What unique flavors of fantasy settings have you enjoyed.

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