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Messi and Kobe put the reindeers' game to shame

Unfortunately, it's the Sounders and their fans who suffer in this FIFA 16 ad.

This ad for FIFA 16 is a bit of a good news/bad news situation for Seattle Sounders fans. On one hand, wow, it's really cool how heavily featured the Sounders and CenturyLink Field are. The north end looks great! Clint Dempsey pulls of a sweet spin move and nearly scores against Barcelona!

On the other, if you look closely it would appear that Santa's reindeers are playing as the Sounders while real-life Leo Messi and Kobe Bryant are Barcelona. (Clearly, reindeer games mean "playing with your heart", while Kobe and Messi ascribe to a different set of principals.) This is not a remotely fair fight, Barca's average rating is about 80, while the Sounders average 66. Predictably, Messi and Kobe win at least first 68 matches (the reindeers ask to play "best of 137"). And it's no wonder!

Not only are the teams unfairly matched, but the reindeers are just sitting there mashing buttons with their hooves. There's no technique. There's no strategy. Even though they are presumably part of Santa's elite team, they don't even appear to be communicating with one another aside from expressing their frustration.

EA -- and Santa -- have simply set them up to fail, with the Sounders and their virtual fans being forced to suffer the consequences. Not cool, guys. Not cool.

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