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Something amazing is happening at Tacoma Stars games

Get on their level.

I'm going to be totally honest here. I did not plan on paying a ton of attention to the Tacoma Stars' opener. Don't get me wrong, they seem like a team with their hearts in the right place, they appear to have a bunch of really talented players and indoor soccer seems pretty fun.

But then I saw this happening at halftime and I knew something special was going on over at Kent's Showare Center -- where the Stars will be playing their first full season of top-level indoor soccer since 1992. Anyway, too many words. This needs to be told with modern media. Behold the halftime show:

Yes, that's four mascots. Why? Because one isn't enough and four is just better, right? And since it's important to know who these things are, they're named Perry the Peanut, Super Star Man, Orion (the blue dog) and Goalileo (the yellow cat). They don't just do halftime shows, either.

This is what happened during a break in a seemingly random break in the action:

This guy blindfolded himself with a scarf...

Tacoma Stars' mascots

And he started dribbling down the field...

Tacoma Stars' mascots

And he apparently raced the star mascot?

Tacoma Stars' mascots

But the really good stuff comes after a goal. That's when this happens:

Tacoma Stars' mascots

Sorry, I lied. This was the highlight:

Tacoma Stars' mascots

The way he recovers from that spin? Unreal.

I was a little on the fence about trekking out to Kent for a game. Not anymore. I need to get on the Stars' level.

Oh, about 3,700 people were there to see this all in person and they went home surely quite happy with a 5-1 win (but we'll have more on that later).

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