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Open Flavor Friday: Pizzas and when movie franchises die

This is your weekly open thread to talk all things not-soccer-related with the Sounder at Heart community. This series will continue until competitive matches dominate weekend content again.

As North American club soccer wraps up and the month of festivities and food got its start yesterday it is time to bring back Open Flavor Friday. Every weekend there will be an open thread for off-topic chatter among this large community of Sounders fans that share more than just soccer.


Recently a few people have had pizza incidents. Campeau can't find decent delivery and Arbeck can't find a classic American style that isn't a major chain. That's the inspiration for this section. Pizza is good, and there's lots of fine pizza in Seattle. Thankfully it's hard to find that quiche that Chicago calls pizza.

Here's a mini Best Of Seattle area pizza;

Neapolitan Pizzeria Pulcinella on Rainier nearly in Renton

Local Classic AmericanStellar down in Georgetown

Wood-fired - I'm going with Serious Pie and you can hate me if you want to

Chain - Papa Murphy's

Chicago-style - don't

Dying Movie Franchises

Kevin Smith made a lot of films in the View Askewniverse. It earned him a cult following and a couple of critical hits outside the Clerks franchise, but he's using those positive reviews to revisit Jay & Silent Bob. If you're thinking to yourself "didn't he do this already?" You would be right. Both Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Clerks II are essentially sequels rather than different tales.

Now Smith is working on Clerks III and Mallrats 2. Already at six movies set within the same universe (one of which is supernatural) the director is going back to his well.

That makes me happy. I enjoy his work. I like the style of humor and the characters that continue to grow. He also dips into my nostalgia for the mid-90s, which is always a personal positive.

Others insist that he's killing his reputation and his franchise.

So I want to know what kills a movie franchise - a prequel (or three), a time-traveling reboot, a spin-off of the spin-off, a major release every six months? Is Kevin killing the Askewniverse? DC? Marvel? Star Wars? Star Trek? Bond? Mission Impossible?

Or will there always be enough fans that these franchises exist in a certain stable-state forever?

This is your weekly open thread. Any non-political/religious topic that doesn't have to do with soccer is open game.

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