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Player Profiles: Charlie Lyon, Andreas Correa and Damion Lowe

Likkit P via Mike Russell

Sounder at Heart kicks off the annual player profiles with three men that saw no minutes and only a handful of moments in the 18 with the first team.  These Seattle Sounders are all defined by their potential, rather than performance.

Charlie Lyon

Rank: 32 | Age: 23 | Bench: 4 (all comps 1st team)

Shot Stopping:

This is where Lyon looked the strongest. His stopping looks like it can get to MLS level. His reactions are quite good, and as he learns positioning from Dutra and Frei his goals against and saves should improve.


Charlie struggled with his distribution, making errors in placement on short passes (both thrown and kicked) and a few times hit the roof of Starfire. To be a regular MLS starter he must improve this skill more than any other.


S2's backline had weaknesses in positioning that are partially their keepers' fault. Lyon is adequate in this area, but can still improve.

Best Case 2016:

There's a chance for the non-Frei keeper to get regular bench time and a few starts in the Open Cup. Lyon will need to beat out Tyler Miller and whatever other talents are signed.

Andres Correa

Rank: 31 | Age: 21 | Bench: 2 (all comps 1st team)


Correa loves to get forward. As a left back he's possibly more aggressive than Yedlin was on the right. His attitude with the ball is to beat players on the dribble rather than pass. His crossing is not at the 1st team level. On deadballs he doesn't add to any scoring threat.


This is the area where Andreas did not contribute. USL teams would attack the space where he was while he did not recover. Even if he was in the proper position his on-ball defense was a hole. On free kicks and corners he was a release valve.


Unlike the stereotype for Latin American players Correa was strong enough to play within the USA. His speed was his primary asset.

Best Case 2016:

Already cut from the squad Correa needs to catch back on in Colombia where he can continue his development, probably as a left midfielder.

Damion Lowe

Rank: 30 | Age: 22 | Bench: 2 (all comps 1st team)


For a centerback Lowe's long passing is quite strong. He struggles a bit in his short passing game. Will not burst forward. On set-pieces will not be a primary or secondary target.


Damion excels with on-ball positioning and is able to control most attackers at the USL level. That looks like it will continue at higher levels. Small improvements in positioning are necessary.


Lowe is the fastest centerback the organization has seen. Plenty of strength for his age. Looks fully recovered from the injury that cost him '14.

Best Case 2016:

Lowe should be able to get minutes with the first team and gobs of them with S2. His chances with the 1st team will be strongest before Torres returns. Unlike Ockford, Lowe is only a centerback, which will limit his opportunities for MLS play. The Jamaican currently takes up an international slot.

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