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2015 Sounder at Heart Moment of the Year: Final vote

It's time to decide what moment best defined this tumultuous year in the world of the Sounders.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

When you think back on 2015, or any season, what often sticks out is how it ended -- when did the team bow out of the playoffs, when was the Supporters' Shield totally out of reach, how did the Sounders fall short in the end?

Yes, sometimes those final moments can define a year for a sports fandom, but more often it's something else: an event that on its own might be just a small part of a long story, but in retrospect comes to encompass a lot more.

Even if, like last year, topping the table was the clear highlight of a dominant season for the Seattle Sounders, it was Marco Pappa subbing in and putting the match completely out of the Galaxy's reach that we chose to define the year. That sigh of relief and the realization that the Shield would belong to Seattle was the moment.

In a season where "ups and downs" is putting it mildly, it has been tough to narrow down that moment, but that's what we're here to do. We've voted the options down to the final four. Was it Leo Gonzalez' blast against Dallas? The infamous evening known only as Red Card Wedding? Brad Evans late late penalty kick to take down Olimpia? Or was it one of Obafemi Martins mind-blowing goals from last season, this time using a brilliant touch to set himself up against the Rapids?

Relive the moments below, and then vote for your 2015 Sounder at Heart Moment of the Year:

Group A Winner: Leo Gonzalez scores his first goal in five years, routs Dallas

SFC vs FCD 061315 - Leo Gonzalez goal

Group B Winner: The Red Card Wedding

Group C Winner: Brad Evans nails the PK to beat Olimpia

Group D Winner: Oba touch-and-turn goal against Rapids

Obafemi Martins touch-turn-goal

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