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Obafemi Martins indeed has a green card

That means he no longer occupies an international roster spot.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Although the formal announcement appears to have come in under the radar, Obafemi Martins obtained a green card at some point in 2015. The development first came to light when MLS released the roster updates for all 20 teams. A Sounders spokesperson later confirmed that the roster was accurate.

While this may seem like a simple matter of paperwork, it does have real-world ramifications for the Sounders' roster. Instead of being at the international limit of eight players as previously believed, the Sounders actually have an open spot. There's also a decent possibility that someone like Oniel Fisher or Damion Lowe -- Jamaican citizens who have spent several years in the United States as both students and professionals -- could obtain green cards and open more spots.

The Sounders will almost certainly need as many international spots as they can open up. Oalex Anderson, Sergio Mota and Ashani Fairclough -- all former S2 players -- will be on trial this preseason and each of the would occupy international roster spots. The Sounders are also likely to be looking overseas to further bolster their roster. The good news is that the Sounders have been among the most proactive teams in the league in terms of helping players obtain green cards.

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