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OFF: The force hasn't awakened and all the other movies I haven't seen

NO SPOILERS TO THE NEW STAR WARS, oh and I haven't seen like any major movie so tell me what I should case I ever do.

I know this an R2 Unit at least
I know this an R2 Unit at least
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Let me start this by saying this post contains NO SPOILERS to the Star Wars movie. Also no comments are allowed to contain any spoilers to the movie in respect to our community that hasn't seen. Now that we've gotten the ground rules out of the way I'll get straight into what this week's off-topic post is about, major movie franchises.

Through many discussions it has been shown that I have seen essentially ZERO major movies. I'm going to tell you a bit more about myself before we get to that. I'm in my very early 20s now. When I was a high school student I did debate, same with college. I went straight through my undergrad and to a grad degree. My life has revolved around three things, sports, debate, and school. In my time I've developed what most would call an addiction to sports and a strong need for caffeine. As a kid I played soccer for just over a decade and stopped during my freshman year of high school. If I wasn't physically playing soccer, I was playing some sports game on an Xbox. While a lot of kids played Pokemon and knew every single one of them (I to this day only know the ones that have appeared in Super Smash Bros.), I worried about finding the optimal ticket price on Madden 06 Owner Mode. If you haven't figured this out by now, I am truly a nerd when it came to school and sports. I haven't gone far enough to do fantasy baseball with a spreadsheet calculating for weather updating every hour (as John Oliver mocked) because I don't have the time for that right now but trust me, I would. All that being said, it meant that I never cared to dive into major movie franchises and therefore I've seen pretty much nothing.

I've seen every Harry Potter and a handful of comedies but that's it. I've seen only one Star Wars film (the original one, now #4). I've seen only one Star Trek, it had dark matter and came out when I was a freshman in high school. I have no idea the name of it. I haven't seen a single Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, Die Hard, just one of the new Batman trilogy and none of the old, and many other films I've apparently offended society by not seeing. While I know A Few Good Men, Accepted, Draft Day, Airplane, Moneyball, and Honky Tonk Freeway pretty much by heart, most of the major movies I should have seen, I never did. Oh and I know everything I need to know about Star Wars from Family Guy episodes, yes this is a #HotTakeGenerator.

Now with all this information I want the Sounder at Heart community to help me, I will potentially watch one of these franchises. I need to know which to watch, what to give my time to. This I know is a loaded question and leads to plenty of debate, so that's why we have a poll and a comments section. I put together a list with the help of our other writers to see what movies I should see, if there is one missing, tell me. I honestly don't care if you spoil a movie for me BUT because I am saving everyone from a revolt/riot, NO SPOILERS TO THE NEW STAR WARS.

If you made it this far through the article without jumping to the comments, congratulations, because I think I lost my own attention span two paragraphs before when I noticed there was a poll. "Live Long and Comment" (yes, I do know it is prosper).

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