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End of year Realio Ratings Recap

Realio became 2015's player ratings expert. He spent hours rewatching and cataloging performances by Seattle Sounders FC. The following is a recap of every match and player he rated.

Mike Russell Foto


Team Season Rating - 6.268

Team Playoffs Rating - 6.314 (+0.046)

Team Best Avg. Rating - 7.538 (5/16 @VAN)

Team Worst Avg. Rating - 5.071 (6/28 @POR, 7/25 @MON)

Most Appearances -- 33 Mears, 31 Frei/Neagle, 29 Marshall, 28 Evans, 27 Pineda, 24 Rose

MOTM - 7 Evans, 6 Frei, 5 Dempsey, 4 Friberg, 3 Alonso/Pappa, 2 Oba, 1 Pineda/Neagle/Rose/Perkins


Stefan Frei

Season Rating - 7.161

Playoffs Rating - 7.0 (-0.161)

Appearances - 33

Best Rating - 10 (8/30 vs POR)

Worst Rating - 6 (7x)

MOTM - 6 (@COL, @PHI, @POR, POR, @VAN, @SKC)

Stephan Frei was a rock. He really settled into his role in the back, and after some growing pains with communication early, settled in to be among the league-leading net minders. He was the most consistent performer for the Sounders, never scoring lower than MLS average (6) for the entire year. He also performed brilliantly away and vs. Cascadia teams, consistently stepping up in the biggest games of the year. Stefan earned my only 10, a masterful performance against Portland in August. Frei kept a high level of play into the playoffs and would be my team MVP. Congrats to Tom Dutra and the entire staff that helped Frei grow from a good keeper to a great one.

Troy Perkins

Season Rating - 6

Playoffs Rating - N/A

Appearances - 4

Best Rating - 7 (@CHI)

Worst Rating - 4 (COL)


Troy did what we ask of a backup, be ready to come in and play a few games and give us league average performance. He even earned MOTM for a 0-1 loss to Chicago in which he kept a vastly depleted lineup in the game. I like having a backup goalie who is as dependable as Perkins. Losing Frei didn't affect the team as adversely as player absences, and in his 5 appearances Troy was steady, yet not spectacular. I believe backup keeper is a position that would benefit from the development of a young or homegrown talent as paying a backup goalie a lot can be problematic.

Outside Backs:

Tyrone Mears

Season Rating - 6.364

Playoffs Rating - 6.333 (-0.031)

Appearances - 33

Best Rating - 8 (NE, @VAN, NYRB, DAL)

Worst Rating - 4 (@HOU)


Tyrone was something of a revelation for the first half of the year, helping ease the loss of the dynamic DeAndre Yedlin by turning in high-level performances. With a more patient style than his predecessor, Mears chose his time to go forward carefully, and exhibited great positional awareness to lock down his defensive side. He was the top right back in the league for the first half of the year, but faded considerably as the season continued. Tyrone still was able to turn in good scores in the second half, but 7/8 scores dropped to 6/7 and he attacked less and less forward as the season progressed and he turned into more of a stay-at-home defender from a two-way wingback. I like his durability and game efforts on defense, but really was disappointed in the lack of attacking in the latter stages of the season. I am not sure if this was due to personnel, fatigue, or by design. When he did attack, often good things happened.

Leo Gonzalez

Season Rating - 6.455

Playoffs Rating - 6 (-0.455)

Appearances - 11

Best Rating - 8 (NE, DAL)

Worst Rating - 5 (@MON)


Leo is one of my favorite Sounders, and I know I am not alone in being sad to see him go back to Costa Rica. Unfortunately, injuries and age caught up to him and he only managed eleven appearances in 2015. When healthy, he was our top left back but perhaps more importantly he was a rock in the locker room and mentoring the younger players who he has been such a help in developing. A master of positional defense rather than a freak athlete, I sincerely wish him the best and hope that some of his vast experience rubbed off on the younger players.

Dylan Remick

Season Rating - 6.263

Playoffs Rating - N/A

Appearances - 19

Best Rating - 8 (HOU, @VAN)

Worst Rating - 5 (@PHI, @MON, VAN, @LAG, @HOU)


Dylan started off great with a very good 12 game stretch where he averaged a 6.75 combined rating but then faded badly, earned below average MLS score (5) for 5 of his last 7 appearances. It's unclear how much of his drop-off in form was due to his injury or whether it was fatigue, but teams like LAG attacked him specifically later in the season. Dylan is a fantastic two-way player showing the ability to get up the wing assertively, however at either end of the field he was very lacking at times and needs to work on his decision making concerning defensive position as well as the final pass. I still hope that he can realize this potential and be a quality left back for our team at a reasonable salary number.

Oniel Fisher

Season Rating - 5.364

Playoffs Rating - 5 (-0.364)

Appearances - 11

Best Rating - 7 (@PHI)

Worst Rating - 4 (@SKC)


I am not sure where Fisher fits into this team yet. He showed many of the physical skills necessary to be a wing player, however the left side may not be the landing place for him and he often looked out of place over there. I saw Fisher relying on great physical ability and athleticism, in stark contrast to the veteran positioning and experience of guys like Leo. When unable to use his physicality or speed to win matchups, Fisher looked like a guy who needs a lot of coaching on position and decision making. He is young and very athletic which are two valuable things for this squad right now. It will be interesting to see how he develops, and where the coaching staff ultimately decides to use him.

Center Backs:

Chad Marshall

Season Rating - 6.828

Playoffs Rating - 8 (+1.172)

Appearances - 29

Best Rating - 9 (NE)

Worst Rating - 5 (@PHI, @POR)


I have no idea how a guy who averages so high managed to avoid receiving a single MOTM from me this year (although his playoff performance was spectacular and would earn MOTM for his game in Dallas). He was the highest rated player on the defense overall and did so while consistently putting up outstanding scores week in and week out. One of the few people who raised his level of play in the playoffs, Chad really came into form late, even though there was a revolving door of center backs next to him and he was flip flopped from side to side. Great players step up when it counts, and Marshall was just fantastic in the playoffs, raising his average and almost single handedly willing the team on in the second leg with top notch defending all night to go with a crucial away goal.

Brad Evans

Season Rating - 6.571

Playoffs Rating - 8 (+1.429)

Appearances - 28

Best Rating - 9 (@VAN)

Worst Rating - 2 (SJ)


If you don't think we missed Evans in the playoffs, just look at who was MOTM both times we played Dallas in the regular season. Brad averaged an 8 against the team who knocked Seattle from the playoffs and is just the sort of player to jump-start an offense from the back against playoff competition. I was surprised to see Evans' average below Marshall's as I think Evans was more critical to the team with his hugely valuable distribution, but his scores were hurt by early growing pains in a new position (that 2 vs San Jose ugh). When Evans was on, he was fantastic in the back, earning a team high 7 MOTM awards this year. I don't envy Sigi Schmid having to figure out where to play this guy, since he showed well at every position he played this season.

Roman Torres

Season Rating - 6

Playoffs Rating - N/A

Appearances - 4

Best Rating - 7 (ORL)

Worst Rating - 5 (@RSL)


Torres looked solid in his small four-appearance sample size. It is hard to rate someone who didn't have enough time to even become familiar with his teammates before suffering a season ending knee injury. I liked seeing how much he was loved by his team in such a short time, and look forward to seeing what this guy can bring in the years to come. I am not sure he fits well next to Marshall as both seem to possess similar skillsets, but that is a pretty decent problem for a coach to have to deal with.

Zach Scott

Season Rating - 5.35

Playoffs Rating - 5.333 (-0.02)

Appearances - 20

Best Rating - 7

Worst Rating - 4


There is a stark contrast and huge drop in score when going from either of the top 2 center backs to Scott. He gets a lot of credit for being a $$ value, playing through injury, etc., but at the end of the day he is very much less than MLS average when it comes to my ratings. What Scott did bring this year was more consistency than in the past, and he had fewer major blunders than in previous seasons. Scott's playoff rating was a mirror of his low regular season performance, and he relied heavily on the players around him to compensate. If this was his last season, I hope people understand how much impact he had on this franchise, even if he wasn't the best or flashiest player.

Jimmy Ockford

Season Rating - 5

Playoffs Rating - N/A

Appearances - 1

Best Rating - 5 (@PHI)

Worst Rating - 5 (@PHI)


The team sees something in Ockford as evidenced by his making the 18 in the playoffs. I am not sure what that is, he looks to have a ceiling that is Scott or so, and I saw nothing from this single appearance to think he could bring anything dynamic to the team. It will be interesting to see where Jimmy fits in with the Sounders' long-term plans.

Damion Lowe

Season Rating - N/A

Playoffs Rating - N/A

Appearances - N/A

Best Rating - N/A

Worst Rating - N/A


Once upon a time, I had great hopes for this high draft pick. After seeing Lowe looking very good in a few S2 matches, I have been very disappointed at his development and at this point he seems behind Ockford in the depth chart which is mystifying to me. He did have some injuries/call-ups that limited his availability in the exact time the Sounders were thinnest. There is a lot of talent here, but Damion needs to start showing something soon or he will be passed by younger, cheaper players.

Outside Midfielders:

Nelson Haedo Valdez

Season Rating - 7.143

Playoffs Rating - 6.333 (-0.81)

Appearances - 7

Best Rating - 9 (ORL)

Worst Rating - 6 (@RSL, @VAN)


This mid-season acquisition managed one of the highest average ratings by consistently turning in high scoring games with a unique combination of physical direct play and tactical awareness. Something that jumped out with Valdez was his large drop off in scores away from Century Link Field. All of his worst games (including playoffs) were away matches. I am unsure what to attribute this to - it could be he is unused to the travel, sleeping badly before games, unfamiliar with lousy opponent's field conditions, plane weariness, etc. After starting out with a bang in a dynamic performance vs. Orlando, Valdez' final 6 games of the season were defined by injury and hustle. Nelson needs to acclimate to the physical nature of the league and get his body ready for the rigors of a season-long grind if he expects to feature next year. Valdez brings a fantastic work rate, yet this needs to translate into more opportunities on goal both for himself and those around him. A full offseason working on combining with the other attackers should help him more than any other player we brought in. I put him as an outside midfielder but I think he plays more like a wide forward or hybrid who can get back and perform more of a defensive role if needed. I was pleasantly surprised to see just how high his scores ended up being; he turned in some very quietly impressive performances.

Marco Pappa

Season Rating - 6.65

Playoffs Rating - 6.0 (-0.65)

Appearances - 20

Best Rating - 8 (NE, @NYCFC, @VAN, NYRB, @SKC)

Worst Rating - 5 (POR, @POR, POR)


First off, Marco is not a good matchup with Portland! All of his worst games came against the Oregon team and I believe that is due mainly to their wide pace. (side note: I think this also is a main reason they were able to advance past Dallas) A borderline DP level talent who is still relatively young, Pappa had a very good year this year, scoring a 6.65 average over 20 appearances. He was another player who was fantastic in the early season and then faded in the middle before turning in an up and down final few months. When on, Pappa seamlessly combined with the offense and was the motor that pushed the ball from midfield toward the high-priced guys up front. When off, Marco was a wandering black hole who slowed the game to a crawl and put undue pressure on his teammates to fill holes behind him. For the right price, I like having such a skilled option on the team, but with some of the additions made, the roster may be getting too full to keep him.

Andreas Ivanschitz

Season Rating - 6.333

Playoffs Rating - 7.333 (+1.0)

Appearances - 6

Best Rating - 7 (@VAN, LAG, @HOU)

Worst Rating - 5 (@SKC)


Andreas really came on in the playoffs, showing desire, a high level of both skill and precision, and an ability to raise his performance when it most counted. I was very impressed at the leadership of a new guy and the team definitely fed off of his service. It wasn't a surprise to see the very physical SKC game be the worst of his short Sounders career, as he relies on finesse and positioning and his technical skill rather than pure physical dominance. Andreas was one of the few players willing to chalk his heels and provide quality width on offense and I believe he will only improve his ratings with more time to work with the players around him. A quality left back with some pace who can open up space for Ivanschitz as well as get on his excellent overlapping service would be high on my wish list in the offseason, whether that's grooming a young player currently on the roster or shopping around.

Thomas Bedinelli

Season Rating - 6.091

Playoffs Rating - N/A

Appearances - 11

Best Rating - 8 (ORL)

Worst Rating - 4 (@LAG)


I am not sure where this young player fits into the Seattle plans, but he was a bit above average over his 11 game stint and seemed like there was a fair amount of upside still to be seen. At times I forgot he is only in his early 20's as he plays like a polished veteran in spurts. It was interesting to see the learning curve as he realized that he could not dribble through everyone in the league, though his willingness to create from direct play was nice to see. In a perfect world, he would have seasoned at S2 and we would all be excited about the young Brazilian kid who was going to try to make the first team in 2016. Instead, I think he could be a casualty of numbers, which would be unfortunate because I think there is something there, it just needs to be unlocked.

Cristian Roldan

Season Rating - 5.6

Playoffs Rating - 5.333 (-.3)

Appearances -20

Best Rating - 7 (COL, @VAN)

Worst Rating - 4 (@POR, @LAG)


This rookie got a lot of play this year, mainly at a wide position. About that - wide isn't where he plays best, and the staff was very open about knowing that. It's a compliment to Cristian that he got as much time as he did at a position he wasn't strong at. This was due to his immense talent and above average tactical skills. He is so well regarded by the coaches that he even got time in the playoffs, where he acquitted himself well in the first two matches before struggling in the final. It is nice to see the team draft well and develop a guy who looks able to be an MLS level talent in the immediate future. I hope Roldan continues to improve and is able to take the next step. To do so he will have to work on his decision-making and earn more trust from the teammates around him.

Aaron Kovar

Season Rating - 5.6

Playoffs Rating - N/A

Appearances - 5

Best Rating - 6 (@DAL, SJ, @RSL)

Worst Rating - 5 (@LAG, @PHI)


I am disappointed that Aaron did not make more of his few opportunities. There are flashes (the first half vs. CCL team, S2 play etc.) that show he has something. I know he is one of the hardest working players on the team and he seems to hang out a lot with Marshall and Evans - two great MLS vets from whom to learn the ropes. He has great service from the left and a knack for opening space to cross. I was very intrigued by Dave's suggestion of Kovar at left back, and am really pulling for this guy to improve enough to compete for first team minutes.

Lamar Neagle

Season Rating - 5.129

Playoffs Rating - N/A

Appearances - 31

Best Rating - 8 (@COL, DAL)

Worst Rating - 3 (@MON, POR)

MOTM - 1 (@COL)

Yikes. Worst rating on the entire team over a whopping 31 (!) games. This was just consistently awful play from a person who looked very strong last year and got a raise based on plans to be a big part of the team this year. Instead, he was just a body to eat up minutes. Lamar turned in horrible ratings all year and I saw a lot of frustration and quit in him. Twice he looked ready to break out with great MOTM "8" performances but never followed up with any sort of consistent quality play, instead putting up miserable performances game after game. By the end, he wasn't even making the 18, seemingly behind Roldan even on the depth chart. I don't know what else to say, Lamar has always been a streaky player capable of being great one game and lousy the next, but this season his great games were so few and far between that the cumulative disastrous performances overshadowed anything positive.

Central Midfielders:

Erik Friberg

Season Rating - 6.666

Playoffs Rating - 7.0 (+0.334)

Appearances - 13

Best Rating - 9 (@SKC)

Worst Rating - 5 (VAN, @SJ)


I do not think Erik has gotten enough credit for the quietly wonderful season he had. He was the highest-ranking central midfielder and did nothing but come into the season and immediately produce consistently high ratings with an ever-changing central pairing. In half a season, he managed 4 MOTM nods, and was a guy who was strong in the playoffs as well. While other new signings took time to acclimate due to injury or familiarity, Erik plopped into the starting lineup as soon as he was fit and played every game, barely missing a beat from when he was a Sounder last time. Starting with the POR game in August, Friberg and Alonso played together 7 times to end the season and Erik averaged a strong "7" rating over these last games.

Osvaldo Alonso

Season Rating - 6.682

Playoffs Rating - N/A

Appearances - 22

Best Rating - 8 (HOU, @LAG, @VAN, DCU, TOR)

Worst Rating - 4 (VAN)

MOTM - 3 (@LAG, DCU, @MON)

Ozzie (when he was able to play) put up solid scores. After averaging a 6.9 over his first 10 appearances, he was injured and struggled quite a bit, before ending the season with a 6.86 over his final 7 matches. Unfortunately, his year was defined by the mid-season struggles and more importantly his failure to make an appearance in the playoffs. After being injured in the final game by Javier Morales, the suddenly fragile Alonso was unable to help the team when it needed him most. The team is better with him on the field, and there needs to be a better safety net for when he is not available.

Andy Rose

Season Rating - 6.208

Playoffs Rating - 6.333 (+0.125)

Appearances - 24

Best Rating - 8 (COL)

Worst Rating - 5 (@CHI, VAN, @LAG)

MOTM - 1 (COL)

Rose showed us that he is a capable midfielder, appearing 24 times and earning an above MLS average rating. There weren't many high ranking games (the Colorado game being an outlier) nor low rankings, and Andy showed he is a guy who can be counted to come in, work hard, and play average or a bit above. He isn't a player likely to turn in massively great performances that change games, but he is the sort of teammate who makes those around him better by facilitating their games. Rose struggled mightily in the middle of the season when there were fewer playmakers around him to play off. It is clear that he needs to be surrounded by strong players in order to succeed, and should not be depended upon to create all on his own merit. That being said, he makes great decisions to accentuate the skills of his teammates.

Gonzalo Pineda

Season Rating - 5.667

Playoffs Rating - N/A

Appearances - 27

Best Rating - 8 (@VAN)

Worst Rating - 3 (VAN)

MOTM - 1 (SKC)

Gonzalo just fell off a cliff in late June. He averaged a very nice 6.45 (11 ratings) until June 20th and then the wheels fell off, with not even a magical 8 against Vancouver saving his second half average - 4.375 (16 ratings). This is a guy who went from very effective and fresh to completely awful and it doesn't seem like any amount of resting could have prevented this. With the emergence of Friberg and Rose and the presence of Roldan and Alonso as well as others, I find very little room on the roster for a player who played as poorly as Pineda. If you gave him the rest he needs to succeed at his early pace this year, he would be at best a situational role player, and that doesn't suit his skillset very well. I like Pineda a lot and respect his efforts in the last two years, but he just wasn't any good after the first few months.

Micheal Azira

Season Rating - 5.3

Playoffs Rating - 5.0 (-0.3)

Appearances - 10

Best Rating - 7 (SJ)

Worst Rating - 4 (@POR)


Azira was a consistently below average midfielder. He did have one game where he looked above average but the rest of the year was a struggle for him. I was surprised he got so many appearances but that was a side effect of the Alonso suspension/injury-laden season. There doesn't appear to be a ton of raw talent to work with here and unless he suddenly figures something out I find it hard to believe he can earn time next season. This year he was a stopgap player who was (perhaps unfairly at times) expected to play more like the DP midfielder he was subbing in for, and he failed to live up to that expectation.


Clint Dempsey

Season Rating - 7.4

Playoffs Rating - 7.333 (-0.067)

Appearances - 20

Best Rating - 9 (NE, @NYCFC, TOR, RSL)

Worst Rating - 6 (SKC, VAN, @SJ, @SKC, @HOU)


Dempsey earned the highest cumulative ratings for the entire season on the back of very good and sometimes spectacular play. He never performed below MLS average, and consistently turned in high ratings when healthy. Consistency is the operative word for Dempsey as Clint was as strong in the late season as he was at the start, and really excelled in the playoffs, turning up at different positions and carrying the team scoring load as others fell off. Dempsey seemed to play best when the pressure was highest while putting the team on his back, and we can only wonder what "might have been", had he had more self-control in the Open Cup game or had injury/callup absences.

Obafemi Martins

Season Rating - 7

Playoffs Rating - 6.0 (-1.0)

Appearances - 21

Best Rating - 9 (@NYCFC, ORL)

Worst Rating - 5 (@RSL, @HOU)

MOTM - 2 (SJ, @SJ)

This was a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde season for Oba, who after a strong start (7.3 avg. first 7 games) had lots of both high and low ratings at the end of the season. Martins really dominated SJ this year. At times, this guy could just take a game by the throat and conjure a goal from thin air, (the COL goal is one of the best plays I have ever seen) yet other times he was ineffective and didn't seem interested in opening space for others. This was very apparent in the playoffs where I thought Oba's play in all games was a stark drop-off from strong regular season efforts. Another 7.2 over 6 game stretch late in the year saw Oba almost single handedly carry the scoring load, often creating from nothing. He is such a dynamic and fantastic player it is hard to understand why he has struggled in the second season. Not only is he not scoring, he isn't getting chances, and at times at Dallas I didn't see him with desire to overcome the frustration of this. Oba is one of very few people in this league who can change a game completely on their own volition, by just being BETTER than everyone else.

Chad Barrett

Season Rating - 5.824

Playoffs Rating - 5.0 (-0.824)

Appearances - 17

Best Rating - 8 (@VAN, LAG)

Worst Rating - 3 (@DAL)


What a giant drop-off from starters to bench here for the striker corp. This was a slightly below average grade for 17 appearances from a guy who probably played more than the team really wanted. He did his substitute job well, but he was not effective at carrying a team from a starting role. He had an opportunity to earn time when others were missing and he fell on his face. His ratings are as high as they are because in limited minute sub appearances Barrett was very good, and he scored some hugely important goals. I am not sure what to make of Chad, he clearly has some value as a veteran presence who knows where to be when injected into a game late, but I am not sure how valuable that will be for the team in the future.

Victor Mansaray

Season Rating - 5.5

Playoffs Rating - N/A

Appearances - 2

Best Rating - 6 (@DAL)

Worst Rating - 5 (SJ)


For a guy who looked great at the start of the year in preliminary games, it was quickly apparent that Mansaray needed a lot more time in the incubator. In his two games, I saw a player who had the body for the MLS game, but none of the mentality. He will need to work on this in order to contribute to the team going forward. What was a bit alarming was seeing him struggle at S2. While guys like Kovar, Craven, Fisher and Lowe looked strong at the lower level, I didn't see a lot to separate Mansaray from players he should be better than. Vic has immense potential and the physical skills to be an exciting piece to the Sounders future, but he needs a lot of work over the offseason to prepare him for any kind of first team role.

Darwin Jones

Season Rating - 5.375

Playoffs Rating - N/A

Appearances - 8

Best Rating - 7 (ORL)

Worst Rating - 4 (@POR)


Jones showed some promise against a beaten Orlando side when he was given the opportunity to play a wide forward role, cutting in from the left side. This looks to be his best role; I am not sure how much more time he has to show a higher level of quality than he exhibited in his 8 appearances. I was a little surprised to see him get a homegrown contract when he did, but I can see there is definitely some talent there. I was expecting a more MLS-ready Mansaray with a lower ceiling, and unfortunately Jones only looked good the one time.

Andy Craven

Season Rating - 5.333

Playoffs Rating - N/A

Appearances - 3

Best Rating - 6 (DC)

Worst Rating - 5 (@POR, @CHI)


A guy who was rushed up as one of the most effective S2 players, Craven looked fairly lost both mentally and physically. He was not afraid to mix it up, and at the time was one rough option among very few forward choices for Sigi. I like his mentality, I like what I saw of him at S2 games, but I am not sure he is any sort of dominant player. He reminds me of a Patrick Mullins/Barrett type player who is solid, not great but consistent and can poach more than create. It remains to see if his skills can translate to success at MLS level.

Optimal Ratings Team

Our "Optimal" team if all were able to play healthy together would average a 6.779 as a TEAM over an entire season:

GK         Frei                      7.161

LB          Gonzales            6.455

LCB        Marshall             6.828

RCB       Evans                  6.571

RB          Mears                 6.364

LW         Ivanschitz           6.333

DCM     Alonso                6.682

OCM     Friberg                6.666

RW        Valdez                 7.143

F            Oba                     7

F            Dempsey            7.4

That is just fantastic and would likely run away with the shield. Unfortunately, this team never was able to play together with any consistency. In fact, this lineup only started together ONCE, at Vancouver, which resulted in a 3-0 win for SSFC. Other than the Orlando game, this was the highest combined rating for a game in the second half of the year, and it came away vs. the shield leaders at the time. This just shows how much wasted talent is sitting at home watching other teams play right now. This team needs youth, it needs speed, and it needs some more dynamic play for chance creation. If most of these guys return next year, there is easily the talent to be the best team in the league already as long as they are able to play together more often.

Please feel free to discuss this below, and if you have any other stats or ratings points calculated, I'll do my best to provide this information. Thanks for reading guys, its been a difficult, yet immensely rewarding project- Jeff

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