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Major Link Soccer: Three titles can't buy you new knees

Rapinoe's injury is the latest instance of US Soccer playing their Women on sub optimal field conditions.

Get well soon
Get well soon
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


In the wake of Megan Rapinoe's dumb stupid injury on a dumb stupid turf in Hawaii, the double standard between the three-time World Champion US Women's National Team and their male counterparts has been brought to the forefront again. While the US Men play on good grass even if it has to be shipped in, this country's soccer body has decided that even the worst-quality grass and turf is good enough for Rapinoe, Hope Solo and company. The team eventually cancelled the match out of concern for more debilitating injuries. The Player's Tribune thinks the whole situation is bullshit.

The development tree is getting more diverse: US Soccer Academy is adding a U12 division.


After discovering that the world finds him to be an incredibly boring interview, Landon Donovan decided to get on the other side of the interview table, where his bland face and tone are less noticeable. His first assignment: MLS Commissioner Don Garber, a man who owes his job to not telling Donovan how terrible at talking he is.

David Beckham's Miami team has finally secured land in Miami (fourth time's the charm?)  and there's a lot of positives to be found with the new location. Situated about midway between two past attempts (the first of which was near American Airlines Arena, followed by ground nextdoor to Marlins Park) the plot is near two rail stops and the north fork of the Miami River. Another land purchase or two and people could take their boats to games. (Travelers can pull up in yachts?) The downside: Surrounded by apartment buildings and a... Sherwin-Williams?


Sepp Blatter better prepare himself to be outed as part of a $100 million dollar bribery scandal (assuming that number doesn't keep growing.)

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