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Supporter Stories aims to tell your tale

When it comes to the Seattle Sounders, the fans are often almost as important as the team itself. No, they don't literally win games and people aren't coming to the stadium just to people watch, but every week 40,000 or so people pile into CenturyLink Field and create an atmosphere quite unlike any other in the United States.

These people come in all shapes, sizes and ethnicities and have any number of ways they support the club. Some of them do it from the Brougham End, standing and singing from the first minute until the last. But a lot more do it in other ways.

While there has been no shortage of press given to Sounders fans, a new project called "Supporter Stories" is attempting to share the individual tales as why and how everyday fans do what they do.

Sounder at Heart will be periodically sharing the videos. Nos Audietis will be airing longer versions of these interviews via their RSS podcast channel. The project is ongoing and if you're interested in participating, you can fill out this form. The attached video above is of Hugo Garcia, one of the hosts of Sonarfeed and the public address announcer at S2 matches. You can watch all of the first six videos from the project here.

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