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Sister club's in Super Bowl, let's chat about that

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A large swath of this community likes the Seahawks. They'll be following the game and may not know about Field Gulls. That's OK. Let's chat about the game with people we do know.

Kickers are players too
Kickers are players too
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe the Seattle Seahawks are half-sisters, but they are in some way related to the Seattle Sounders. There's also the Seattle thing. There's also that thing that more Americas will watch the Super Bowl than brush their teeth at night (don't fact check that).

So this is our Super Bowl thread.

How to watch: NBC (5/105)
Start Time: 3:30 PM (pregame already started, actual kick will be later)

Who to watch: Jon Ryan, Marshawn Lynch, Russell Wilson, the Legion of Boom, Jon Ryan.

SB Nation Blog: Field Gulls, they're going to be busy today.

The New England Revolution's sister club are also in the Super Bowl. Which would have been a lot more interesting if the Revs and Sounders were in the MLS Cup. That narrative is unavailable. The two sisters do open the MLS season against each other, which is something.

Who to watch on the Patriots: No one. Do not watch the Patriots.

Interesting stuff you should know

  • There will be more than 20,000 Seattle fans in the stadium. Many Patriots fans sold their tickets due to weather concerns. The entire concept of a neutral field game was destroyed last year when Seattle won the Super Bowl for their first time. They will continue that destruction this year.
  • Glendale/Peoria is basically Seattle South, particularly in the Winter. There's the whole Spring Training thing that acts as an entry drug to those suburbs and so people from Seattle move there. I once ran a coffeeshop in the area.
  • Marshawn Lynch will be given a 15-yard penalty if he touches his male parts. That particular form of taunting is something he's been fined for twice. Seattle's response was for many of their players to say their goal is to get him the MVP.
  • The Seahawks Bandwagon didn't start in 2012 when the won the Super Bowl, nor in 2005 when they went for the first time. The NFL changed the rules because the Kingdome was too loud, that was back in the 80s. They also sold out their stadium almost every year.
  • You're going to eat a lot. That's OK. Today is a recognized gluttony day.
  • Don't drink and drive, because that's stupid and dangerous.
  • Jon Ryan isn't just a punter, he's one cool dude.
  • I tweet about Jon Ryan too much.
Have fun people that like fun and Seattle. That's what today is about. For the people who like the Seahawks it is also about a big game.