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Major Link Soccer: Supporter moms

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The ultras may not be so ultra when their mothers are watching their every move.

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Sounders and Spurs collectively held their breath Sunday after DeAndre Yedlin was the victim of a rough tackle and left the game. Luckily, Yedlin's injury in the USMNT's game against Panama isn't as bad as it originally seemed.

Brad Evans has played every position on a soccer field (other than goalkeeper), but did you know he also plays hardball? Seattle's players union representative recently said that "at this point a strike is imminent if we don’t get what we want."


The four nominees for FIFA president are Sepp Blatter, Luis Figo, Michael van Praag, and Prince Ali bin Al Hussein. Prince Ali was nominated by the US Soccer Federation, but that could have possible consequences for the 2026 World Cup, as well as MLS.

New York City FC already looks like a dumpster fire through (my) American eyes, but what do Brits think about New York's most light-blue team?

NYCFC isn't doing everything wrong though- they seem to have a solid grasp on youth development. The team has already affiliated itself with 11 preexisting New York area youth clubs, and has created a league for them to play in.

New York's other MLS team announced the name for their USL Pro affiliate yesterday: Red Bulls II. Apparently Red Bull was in talks to name their USL Pro side after their supporters group, Empire SC, but would only have been able to roll Empire SC into the Red Bulls brand/image, which the supporters group did not want.

The USMNT had a pretty good game against Panama last Saturday. Gyasi Zardes and Michael Bradley were big reasons for that.

FC Dallas's stadium happens to not be in Dallas at all, but in Frisco. Big D Soccer wonders what would have been different had the stadium been built in the actual city of Dallas (besides people no longer making fun of them as FC Frisco).

Brian Mullan just received a position as the Colorado Rapids' Assistant Coach and Community Ambassador. As a member of the North American soccer community, I have some issues that need addressing.

With players often traded from one city to another at the drop of a hat, the rules of MLS can seem a bit harsh. Issey Nakajima-Farran was traded away from his home city of Toronto after only seven games last year (on his birthday of course). He spoke out against MLS's easy-trade policy.

After eight years with BMO, Toronto FC are looking for a new jersey sponsor. It looks like Canadian pizza chain Pizza Pizza may be next up to play sponsor.


The US U-20s scored a nice U-20 World Cup draw. The other teams in their group are Myanmar, New Zealand, and Ukraine.

What do seminaries do for fun, you wonder? Well just like the rest of us, they play soccer. The Clericus Cup is a 16 team, 2 month tournament held in Vatican City annually. The tournament has a special rule: a blue card given to players who commit tactical fouls, which gives the offending player a 5 minute timeout for spiritual reflection.

Soccer games are a very well known setting for hooliganism. In an attempt to change this, Sport Club de Recife employed the only known cure for hooliganism: mothers. The team hired 30 fans' mothers as security guards for a derby match. Zero arrests were reported at the game. Go moms.

Cristiano Ronaldo had a particularly poor birthday, showing poorly in Real Madrid's 4-0 loss to Atletico Madrid. It only got worse when a video was released of Ronaldo at a birthday party after the game, which caused many to accuse him of not taking stake in his team's result. Oh also this happened: