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Garth Lagerwey: smarter for us to be more conservative

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President of Soccer and GM of Seattle Sounders tells the media why the offseason has been calm so far.

Mike Russell

Seattle Sounders FC are done with two phases of their preseason. In addition to today's announced signing of Andrés Correa, the club has only acquired Tyrone Mears, Troy Perkins, Cristian Roldan,  Darwin Jones, Victor Mansaray and the rights to some unsigned players in the draft. These moves have helped, but they're not the splash that some fans have expected from a team so close to taking the elusive treble.

Seattle is slightly weaker than they were last year due to the loss of DeAndre Yedlin.

Garth Lagerwey told the media Monday that due to the CBA negotiations and a lack of current roster rules the team will need to be more cautious at this point than sides that were further away from trophies in 2014.

I don't think it's a team that needs radical change. We're obviously working on some things. It's a tough offseason because you obviously don't know what the roster size is and you don't know what the salary cap is. Those are two fairly critical components in assembling a team.

Once the CBA negotiations are complete, Seattle will know its cap and roster space, the salary structure for the near future and what its allocation money is worth. With a transfer window opening this week that doesn't close for a couple months after that, the organization can wait to look at its greatest needs (winger, backup right back, central mid) and make more informed decisions.

Then Lagerwey & Co can look to build for their three-to-five year plan. In the near term, Lagerwey wants to sign sooner rather than wait until the secondary transfer window.

It's just harder for guys to come in in the summer and try to adjust while guys are in midseason form. And those guys have to come in and hit the ground running. And if you're getting guys from Europe and even South America, often they haven't been training for that whole period, so it's just harder to bring them in, the summer's just harder to adjust.

Sounders FC still need to build a second team (that will be huge for The Future). With Evans in the back and Mears a likely starter, the first team needs aren't in the Ideal XI, they're in the 18. Unless of course the new CBA/roster rules involve a massive bump. Then Seattle won't be conservative at all.