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Major Link Soccer: Soccer money is on TV

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Soccer on TV in England is a step above the rest of the world. Try 5 BILLION pounds above.

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They say it's in the data (or you can do a quick Google search,) and it seems clear that the Seattle Sounders are the most popular team in MLS. (Editor's note: I don't buy it. Vancouver Whitecaps are NOT the least popular team in the league.)

Brad Evans is the longest-tenured Sounder according to MLS; Zach Scott does get mentioned for his 11 seasons.

Also, in case you missed it on Tuesday, Seattle signed Colombian Andrés Correa.


It was going to happen sooner or later: Michael Bradley has been named captain of Toronto FC. Coach Greg Vanney confirmed the switch on a conference call on Monday. Vanney pointed out that not too many captains can do this!

Making the playoffs your first year in the league has been done. Just ask the local team.  Winning the whole thing, well that can be another story.  Kaka is telling everyone he sees that he thinks that Orlando City will finish 2015 as MLS Champions.

The Professional Referee Organization (PRO) have their own preseason camp where they discuss new concussion protocols, sensitivity to dissent, and the interpretation of the offside rule. Could 2015 be a season where we don't even notice the ref's on the field because they do such a good job? (Editor's note: HA)

US Soccer

He scored the goal against Belgium that gave everyone in the USA hope, but as we saw on that day, it wasn't to be. Could that be the case with Julian Green's career right now? Green has been dropped to the Hamburg U-23 team in the German fourth division.

The US finished their annual January camp with a victory over a depleted Panama. Jurgen Klinsmann is now re-thinking the January camp in the future, while we mull over four takeaways from this camp.

US Goalkeeper Tim Howard is set to return to the field for Everton on Wednesday. Howard has missed the last 8 games for Everton with a calf injury, but now looks set to resume his starting role against league leaders Chelsea.

World Soccer

Soccer on TV is big business: teams get a cut, the league gets a cut, and the networks get a cut. Soccer on TV in England is a step above the rest of the world, and you can measure it in terms of billions of pounds.

South America's got talent; and these 5 players plan on showing the world that talent at this summer's U20 World Cup.

German Lothar Matthaus spent 21 years as a professional soccer player, one of the best Germans to ever play the game. During that time he played all over the world, but his prime years were spent at Internazionale.

When you're Zlatan taking a "Selfie with your Self" is par for the course.

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