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Major Link Soccer: Single-Entity Universities, Baseball Strikes

Also, a throwback Thursday to the time that Troy Perkins trolled the Timbers.

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Sounders 2

Seattle's USL team's contest to choose their play-by-play and color voices from the fans starts off with two strong friends of Sounder at Heart - Erin Riley and Hugo Garcia. The S2 Facebook page will have other potential voices over the next few days.

Major League Soccer

The way around the issues of single-entity and free agency may be found in the University of California system. Most of the time owners win CBA negotiations, but there is reason to think MLS players can buck that trend. It took a home run race to get baseball back into America's conscious after their 1994 labor issues. Not everyone came back, will 2015's labor strife destroy the progress of MLS?

Andrew Farrell is the greatest right back left in MLS; 2015 could be his breakout season.

A team that already has Cordell Cato and Mike Fucito added Sanna Nyassi and Marvell Wynne, because someone wants to win the 4x100 relay. You can also watch them build their stadium really, really fast.

Micheal Bradley is now the captain at TFC. Part of his leadership is restructuring his contract so MLSE could add Jozy Altidore.

Red Bull accidentally (?) teased their already leaked 2015 kit.

The Cleveland Browns, Columbus Crew and area youth could share training facilities as the Browns look to shift training camp to the Ohio capital. That could help the rebranded side maintain the nations oldest top-flight soccer specific stadium.

MLS Expansion

It's not all labor strife. Plenty of markets/owners still want to join MLS. Vegas finalized their plan and Beckham is frustrated that he still doesn't have a stadium in Miami.

The Harrisburg City Islander of USL are exploring a move to Nashville's Greer Stadium.


Could Jurgen be leaving the United States National Team for the power of relegation bound Aston Villa? One tabloid says yes. 7500 to Holte thinks it's a joke. It isn't as funny as their GunGoat for manager joke. Villa needs a new manager because Lambert is done.

Tragedy in Egypt

Liviu Bird spoke to former USMNT and Egypt coach Bob Bradley about the latest round of violence in Egypt.

"It's always complicated. It's very difficult to know the truth in anything that ever happens in Egypt," Bradley said. "It's always easy to see what's on the surface; it's always difficult to try to understand all the things that go on underneath the surface.

"This is already another one where obviously, in the recent months, [Abdel Fattah el-Sisi] as president means that the country is in some ways back a little bit more toward military rule. One of the things that was always true in the time that [Hosni] Mubarak was there was that security and police were pretty brutal in the way situations were handled. ... The president of Zamalek has not managed to get along with the White Knights at all. He's sort of from the old regime."

Bradley used his coaching skills to become someone who understands more cultures. For that he will always be a unique American who goes beyond a mere ball and two goals.