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Major Link Soccer: Can a mediator save the CBA?

USA to host even more national team play, we find out just how many matches are fixed around the world, and you'll never guess who is in a "butt storm."

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The Sounders have doubled down with all their current broadcast partners, included expanded coverage beyond the 90 and more. Yes, Keller will still be behind the mic.

You may or may not know that Taylor Graham played for the Puerto Rican national team. It's an interesting story, retold here, in preview-of-Prost-Amerika-podcast form.

Major League Soccer:

The MLS Players Union and league representatives have entered couple's therapy. A mediating firm has been hired to help smooth out the wrinkles, just like in 2010. Hopefully things can once again be resolved before our sweet soccer action is scheduled to start, because right now it looks like a collision course for armageddon.

If you're one of those who enjoys unboxings, The Mane Land has got something for you. Orlando City's inaugural season ticket package is pretty nice, and you can relive those shrinkwrap-peeling moments in gory detail.

The Utah state legislature may throw a few wrenches in RSL's plan to build a stadium center for the USL's Monarchs.

Meanwhile, RSL's rival Colorado Rapids has a USL team as well, and Charlotte Independence's new logo and kits are looking good.

Here's a letter you don't really want to get. Don Garber has told Las Vegas, without wasting too many words, that they are off the radar as an expansion city until after 2018. While that's not the end of the world for Vegas, they were putting together quite a show for MLS. Maybe Garber wanted to nip it in the bud and keep Sin City citizens from getting their hopes up too high.

Someone has a very rosy view of MLS' potential to become a global powerhouse of a soccer league in the relatively near future! Read more over at World Soccer Talk.

One way of filling the development gap is to keep college-age players in a professional team environment year round. That makes attending college difficult, but LA Galaxy II have signed a player to a new kind of contract, one that includes sponsorship for his attendance at a college next door to StubHub center. Will other teams follow suit?

FC Dallas is proud of its strategy of relying on many homegrown players and young players who still need development, and have shunned the huge, splashy signings. The Guardian asks: Will it work?

US Soccer

In October, the US will host CONCACAF Olympics qualifying, and the chances to see US national teams play this summer continue to multiply. Venues TBA.

16-year-old US U-17 phenom Christian Pulisic has officially joined Borussia Dortmund, after arranging a little European passport magic.

Alexi Lalas talks on Twitter a lot. Some people even consider him to be a Twitter samurai.

Get ready for Austria and England for the U-20s in the lead up to New Zealand (whose group they were drawn into).

A whole bunch of US players scored recently.


Why are head butts so common in soccer? Is it just a natural instinct not to use the hands? Have players lost their sense of feeling in their foreheads? Either way, don't do it, or you might end up in a "butt storm."

FOX Sports now has the rights to the next three World Cups, so, for better or for worse, they are what we've got for the next 11 years or so.

English football still has a race problem.

A company called Sportsradar claims to be able to detect signs of match fixing, and they say they see it in about 1% of the events they monitor, most of which are apparently soccer matches.

This is a pretty great 1994 goal from Alessandro Del Piero. (But I mean, whatever, I've seen Oba do the same thing).

How would you like to score 37 seconds into your debut match? Tough to keep up that strike pace though.

If I was on this guy Mehmet Topal's team, I would actively try not to score goals:

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