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Lamar Neagle says he's open to playing for Ireland

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Mike Russell/Sounder at Heart

Lamar Neagle may someday go from playing in the Emerald City to representing the Emerald Isle. The Seattle Sounders winger confirmed that he's had contact with a Republic of Ireland scout and expressed a willingness to play for them if asked.

"If they do [give me the opportunity], that's cool. That's awesome. I'd love for the opportunity. ... It'd be a credit to the consistent progress that I've had over the years. A little late for a guy to be getting his first shot at any national team, but it's definitely flattering to hear."

This is actually not the first time Neagle would have made use of his Irish heritage. When he was a mostly unscouted senior at UNLV, his mother obtained her Irish citizenship through her own mother, allowing Neagle to obtain his Irish passport. Although Neagle eventually signed with the Sounders in 2009, that Irish passport came in handy the following year when he spent part of a season playing in Finland.

Neagle has since blossomed into a steady MLS contributor, notching 17 goals and 13 assists over the past two seasons. The 27-year-old has also proven himself versatile, playing on both wings and as a forward.