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LevyFilms captures WISL Final between Tacoma Stars and Bellingham United

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"15 years from now...I'm going to talk about the perfect season."

As was mentioned in the recap of the Tacoma Stars win over Bellingham United to capture the inaugural WISL title on Saturday night, LevyFilms was on hand to film the championship match. In addition to filming from behind the goal Levy also had a camera at midfield this time, which was able to capture more of the action without losing the feeling of being on the pitch.

Every goal for each team is included in the highlights, as is some behind the scenes footage from Tacoma's locker room both prior to the game and at halftime, as Stars head coach Darren Sawatzky was forced to make adjustments from the low scoring first half.

Both penalty misses are also included, so we get to see Joey Gjertsen rounding Bellingham's goalkeeper just before sending in a shot that went just wide of the empty net. Gjertsen makes up for that with his brace in the final 30 seconds of the game to end any doubt remaining that Tacoma would have its perfect season in the WISL.