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Garth Lagerwey to Q13: The Cup we have to go for here is MLS Cup

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Seattle Sounders FC's President of Soccer covered known ground in his interview with Q13's Aaron Levine. Three key takeaways are that Sounders 2 is vital to long term success, the team is targeting two major trophies and a clue on the nations mined for soccer talent.

When Q13 Sports' Aaron Levine chatted with Seattle Sounders FC's President of Soccer and General Manager Garth Lagerwey about joining the team, most of the ground covered is familiar. Lagerwey discussed why he chose to come to an organization with more financial resources and getting along with his third head coach in three years.

As the first team heads down to Tucson for their fourth phase of preseason Lagerwey said that few signings are needed for that squad. Continuing the winning tradition there is more about tweaking the one-percent. His eyes are more on developing the "farm system."

That farm system of Sounders 2 and the Academy produced one two-time All Star and four other players with still to define roles. S2's independent portion of preseason starts today at 4 PM. Lagerwey's continual identification of the USL team as a differentiator is notable. Finding and building the players that can go from a U12 side to fully professional is something that few MLS do regularly.

Garth also spoke about simple ways to find talent to sign. Take a chart that indicates GDP, look at significant soccer leagues in nations where that GDP number is lower than the Big Five (Germany, England, Spain, Italy, France) and that's where Seattle will look for talent. Roughly that means most of Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa, Central and Southeast Asia.

Lastly, and most significantly, Lagerwey is targeting his prime objective as MLS Cup, but slightly behind that is the desire to win CONCACAF Champions League to move on and face the world's greatest clubs in the actual competition of the Club World Cup. At this time the next CWC that Sounders could compete in would be in 2016 in Japan.