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Major Link Soccer: Preseason updates

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We wish we were in Arizona too.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports


The Sounders are currently in Arizona for preseason, and one Sounder at Heart reader has taken to detailing the training for us.

We also have the more formal update available from available here.

If you're missing the Sounders but can't quite make it out to Arizona, you can always stop by a S2 scrimmage or training session. The team is currently in preseason at Starfire.


US Soccer unveiled new away uniforms yesterday, this time going with a blue "my printer is running out of ink" pattern.

Most of us have taken a stab or two at reimagining some part of our club's attire. One designer did a mockup of a new New England Revolution logo, and it turned out pretty well.

The LA Galaxy are currently doing preseason in Europe. Yesterday they fell 2-1 to Hammarby, with the only goal scored by Robbie Keane on a penalty.

Indianapolis's NASL team, Indy Eleven just got a heaping of good news. Their proposed stadium passed through Indianapolis's House Committee by a vote of 20-3.

After an exciting summer, Julian Green has fallen a bit off of the average American soccer fan's radar. The winger was loaned to Hamburg but after failing to earn minutes may or may not have been demoted to their U-23 team (that one is still playing out). Get an update on his situation here.


Many of us have snuck a snack or two into a soccer game. One Turkish fan took that to the extreme when he attempted to hide 24 adult beverages on his person upon entering his team's stadium.

The 2014 World Cup is dead and gone, which means it's time to start thinking about Russia 2018. At the very least, you would hope those in charge of stadium construction are thinking about Russia 2018, although as a recent report suggests Russia's stadiums may not be ready by 2018.

There's been a lot of talk lately about Lionel Messi and perhaps a slight decline in his abilities. One SB Nation writer put together a satire piece about how we're "stuck mourning his former brilliance," and is now being roasted all over the internet. If you're feeling brave, wander over to the comment section and see for yourself. It is rough.

Bayern Munich is supposed to play Ukrainian club Shakhtar Donetsk in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16. Shakhtar Donetsk has been affected by the political conflict in Ukraine, and are currently playing at a stadium nowhere near their hometown. A few of Bayern Munich's German stars are weary to go into what could potentially be a dangerous situation.