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Major Link Soccer: Desert Diamond Cup Kicks Off

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The Seattle Sounders will play their first game in the desert tonight vs. FC Tucson.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Seattle Sounders

The Seattle Sounders will play their first match of the Desert Diamond Cup tonight vs. FC Tucson. This game and all the rest will be streamed live on

The season hasn't started yet, but the odds are out on who will win the MLS Cup. Can the Sounders buck the trend and make it a sure thing in 2015?

Trialist #269 has been on a tear, scoring at will during S2 tryouts and now in preseason camp. Will we see his real name revealed when he signs a contract?

The Sounders' new home jersey will have some form of stripes as confirmed by our own Jeremiah Oshan. There will also be some new faces on the jerseys. How it all ties together will be revealed March 3rd during the official "MLS Jersey Week". Here is the leaked version of all the new MLS jerseys.

Major League Soccer

As an expansion side, Orlando City has a lot of enthusiasm. But it might be early to be looking at a title like The "New Face of MLS."

This year, with the Collective Bargaining Agreement in negotiations and "Free Agency" at the crux, change is coming. What that change will look like is anyone's guess. Will it be similar to the Bosman rule, or will it be a Single-Entity rule like the current MLS contracts? American leagues like MLS are doing what they do with a  vision of growth.

Last week they  formed their own league for their youth teams to play in. This week New York City FC announced they created their own youth academy and joined the USSDA league at the U14 level.

UEFA Champions League

Read about Paris Saint-Germain vs. Chelsea here, then come back for Shakhtar Donetsk vs. Bayern Munich here.

US Soccer

Academy soccer is big business all over the world; teams pay each other hundreds of thousands of dollars for players who were trained at other academies. In the United States this is not the case (yet), but if the US was forced to follow FIFA rules, would we see youth clubs getting paid by MLS teams?

Recent National Hall of Fame inductee Brian McBride had a wonderful career, played in 3 world cups, 7-time MLS All-Star, and even has a bar named after him at Fulham. All this might have been different if not for one coin toss and a phone call.

In turnabout is fair play Mexico calls up three Americans for their U17 "concentracion", and two are former US U-17 players.

World Soccer

Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Fulham, Aston Villa, and Sunderland. All have one thing in common, American owners. The Welsh club Swansea City could be the next American owned club, followed by the obligatory summer tour of the USA.

We know the price of beer at the stadium is outrageous! I look at my son every time I buy a $10 beer wondering if I am dipping into his college fund. One fan took things into his own hands, pockets, and everywhere else he could hide his beer.

At 134 years young, the English Football Association Cup is the oldest knockout tournament in the world. Just like the US Open Cup, the FA Cup allows teams from the lowest divisions of soccer to challenge the highest divisions in a win-or-go-home format. In 1972, Hereford United beat Newcastle United in the game now considered the biggest upset in cup history. Don't fret;there were other Giant Killers.

Frank Lebouef won the 1998 World Cup with France, now he has his sights set on winning an Oscar.

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