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Here's a composite schedule for Sounders, Reign and S2

There are surprisingly few conflicts.

The Seattle soccer fan's social calendar is more packed than it has ever been. With Sounders 2 joining the Seattle Sounders and Seattle Reign, the area now has three professional teams and that's before we even count high-level amateur and semi-pro teams.

With all that soccer available, we thought it would be useful to compile a composite schedule of all three teams:

You can also download a full resolution version here and we've even created a spreadsheet version.

A few observations:

  • There are 15 dates on which at least two of the three teams play. The vast majority of those are on Saturdays. Of those 15 dates, all but four of them are at least an hour apart.
  • Impressively, there's not a single date on which two of the teams play at home.
  • There are five dates on which all three teams play (April 18, May 9, July 18, Aug. 1, Sept. 5).
  • Most of the kickoff times that plausibly overlap are between the Reign and Sounders, who have six instances in which they kick off fewer than two hours apart. There are only three instances in which the Sounders and S2 play that close to one another.
  • Not reflected here, but all of the Reign and S2 games are expected to be available through their YouTube channels.

Put another way, someone could feasibly have season tickets to all three teams and not only use every ticket, but could still watch at least part of virtually every road game. That's either some very impressive scheduling or insanely lucky. Either way, Seattle-area soccer fans are getting quite the treat.

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