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Confirmed: Sounders will expand capacity in 2015

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Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Already drawing almost twice as many fans as any other MLS team, the Seattle Sounders will expand capacity for the 2015 season, Sounder at Heart has confirmed.

With season-ticket renewals coming in at around 92-93 percent and more half-season ticket packages being sold, the only way to meet demand was to expand seating. Numbers are not yet finalized, but the Sounders are expecting to add about 1,400 seats to capacity, bringing the total to around 40,000 for every MLS regular-season game. A formal announcement about expanded capacity is expected in the coming weeks when these numbers will all likely be finalized.

That should put them in strong position to set another league attendance record in 2015. Although they fell a couple hundred short of the record they set in 2013, the average of 43,734 was still the second best average attendance in MLS history. That was the first time in their six MLS seasons that the Sounders failed to establish a new attendance record and they still own the top six average attendances in MLS history.

Assuming the Sounders open up the entire stadium five time this year -- the same number they did in 2014 -- they'd need to average about 53,970 in those games to break the MLS record. Last year, they averaged 55,533 in those full-stadium games.