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Kevin Parsemain is back from injury and again giving fans reasons to dream

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The mysterious player from Martinique has captured fans' imaginations again.

Mike Russell/Sounder at Heart

There wasn't anything particularly special about the goals Kevin Parsemain scored on Wednesday. The first included a nice cutback and a shot through the goalkeeper's legs. The second was a relatively simple finish from a one-on-one situation. That they also came against a PDL team that hasn't even started thinking about preseason yet further serves to temper the excitement.

But, this is preseason and getting excited about a relatively unknown player is kinda part of the deal.

We've been here before, you may remember. It was about this time last preseason that Parsemain's name first became known to Sounders fans. That was when he led the team with three goals, including a couple of long-range beauties. He added two more goals playing for the reserves.

We never got to really see what Parsemain could do, though. An ACL injury in a Reserve League game cut short his season almost right after he'd signed and we thought that might be the last we heard of him.

Parsemain never made it back last year, but he looks fit and ready to pick up where he left off this year.

There's no denying that Parsemain has a nose for goal. There's always room on a MLS roster for a poacher, even if all he can do is put away chances created mostly by others. He's shown that he can finish and that he's even capable of the spectacular goal. He's probably already shown enough to warrant a spot on the roster, and it appears as though he'll get one.

The question that needs to be asked, though, is how much more can Parsemain be?

Parsemain is not a target forward, capable of holding up the ball and letting others join the attack. He's not a particularly creative player who is going to break down defenders off the dribble or spring teammates with clever passes. But he probably doesn't need to be any of those things to be useful. Is he willing to make hard runs and occupy defenders? Is he willing to do the work inherent in haranguing center backs? Can he be effective in short bursts? Can he improve his positioning and do a better job of making himself available to teammates?

These are the things we should be looking for when watching this still mostly unknown 27-year-old play in preseason games. There's every reason to think he can be useful and maybe he can be even more than that. The next chance to see comes on Saturday.