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Major Link Soccer: Xolos - Know thy (friendly) enemy

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Get to know the border club. 48 teams in the World Cup? A new candidate panders to smaller nations. US Soccer has a power couple, which means it has arrived.

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Seattle Sounders FC has arranged a friendly with a high quality opponent to test the team's mettle early in the season. This year Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente (better known as Club Tijuana or Xolos) will be paying Seattle a visit on March 24th. Besides being named after an ancient Aztec dog breed, which is amazing, the Tijuana club has become a very powerful side in Liga MX recently. Read this detailed overview of the story of Xolos to better know thy (friendly) enemy.

Garth Lagerwey thinks his new Sounder's polo looks "pretty good" on him. This and many more important insights can be found in this Sports Illustrated profile.

The Sounders invest heavily in time, money and personnel when it comes to sports science and and technology. The team is hosting a sports science seminar in June, and if you want a behind-the-scenes look at how that all works and what may be coming next, time to pony up some cash for the registration fee.

As reported yesterday it sounds like Hope Solo may have satisfied the terms of her suspension from US Soccer, and could rejoin the squad soon.


Dan Kennedy says that this week's CBA negotiations are about clearing all the other issues out of the way to leave time to try to hash out compensation and free agency.

The Pacific Nations Cup, an international rugby tournament, will be gracing bruising the field at the Earthquakes' new stadium this summer.

Speaking of California stadia, NFL rivals Chargers and Raiders are talking about joining together in an unlikely facilities-sharing partnership in Carson unless funding can be found for separate home fields. Sound familiar? Wonder if any MLS teams might want in on this?

If you want to know everything there is to know about NYCFC, let this lengthy piece take you by the hand and lead you down the halls of City Football Group's world headquarters, with a long stop and chat with Jason Kreis while you're at it.

If, on the other hand, you want to troll your NYCFC-loving friends, look no further than this fine piece of mockery.

Orlando City SC looks very much on track to reach their inaugural season ticket goal of 14,000 before first kick. The Lions' opening match should be quite the affair.

DC United has partnered with a local prep school to create a residency program. 5- and 7-day programs will house student athletes in a major new initiative to develop talent year-round.

Will Atlanta Beat be reborn as Atlanta Vibe? A group is moving forward with a proposal for adding an NWSL team to the Atlanta sports landscape.

A documentary about Philadelphia supporter's group Sons of Ben has won a grand prize at the Tokyo film festival.

US Soccer

Here's a story about US Soccer's power couple. No, it's not the bromance between myself and Clint Dempsey. I'm talking about Sym LeDwyer, or Domney Dweroux. Still working on the portmanteau.

Luis Figo wants up to a 48-team field in the World Cup final. What do you think?

In news that will surprise no one, Jurgen Klinsmann is wooing another German-American youngster.

Why do CONCACAF nations underachieve in world competition? Or, what's the problem with CONCACAF?

TurfGate North isn't over. In fact it may just be the beginning of something bigger.

Speaking of the Women's World Cup, the USWNT doesn't have an enormous amount of time to hash out just what the team will look like before this summer. Jill Ellis is using the latest international matches to look for where to find success.


Europa League power rankings! Who doesn't love power rankings. The strongish have survived, and now who will be the more stronger-er? The top team may surprise you.

A very rich Thai man has offered Silvio Berlusconi 1 billion euros for a controlling stake in AC Milan. Unknown is whether he made the Dr. Evil face when he made the offer.

Will Financial Fair Play rules actually make soccer teams a money-making investment for the very rich, or will they continue to be more vanity projects designed to lose money?