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Photos: S2 draw 1-1 with University of Portland

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No official names have been announced yet for S2, but who can you identify in this gallery by Sounder at Heart photographer, MikeRussellFoto?

Around 30+ players took to the pitch on Saturday for Seattle Sounders 2 as they matched up against the University of Portland in a preseason friendly. S2 went down a goal in the first half, but evened it up in the second half when Pablo Rossi curled in a beautiful free kick into the upper corner.

As was the case at the scrimmage last Thursday, the S2 trialists came on in mainly 3 separate groups, each playing about 30 minutes. I tried to get a shot of everyone, but I know I failed. (Definitely missed a few keepers and maybe a defender or two.)

I am not even going to attempt to add captions to the photos, but feel free to identify anyone you know in the comments. (Some are easy.)