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Major Link Soccer: The Doughnut Rivalry, stadiums

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Without that comma in the headline, this story would be about pastry-oriented Iron Chef taking place in front of a live audience of 100,000s.

This picture could not be more perfect
This picture could not be more perfect
Stephen Lam/Getty Images


You know about the Seattle-Portland Football/Soccer rivalry, but do you know about the DONUT rivalry? The MLS clash is mentioned first in this LA Times article about Top Pot versus Voodoo. Frankly, you can keep your Pepto-Bismol doughnut.


The league and players appear to have an agreement on minor CBA issues at this time, but may not have significantly progressed on the one large sticking point.

The team-specific Team Store is on the way out, with individual team sites making way for a league-shared Fanatics online store. Which is fine, I'm not sure I've personally bought a single item on the team site (instead opting for the stores in and around Centurylink Field.)

David Estrada has been cut by D.C. United.

There were some important injuries in the league as teams prepare for the rapidly approaching opening day. The Chicago Fire lost new Designated Player David Accam with a weak groin during play in the Simple Invitational in Portland, Oregon. After that, the Portland Timbers (already missing Will Johnson and Diego Valeri to injury) watched Ben Zemanski tear his ACL. All for games that are effectively meaningless.

In a trend affecting stadiums across the country and the world, Providence Park will be making some security changes for the 2015 season.

Indications are that when LAFC takes the field in 2017, they'll be doing so next door to the University of Southern California's Memorial Coliseum. This would put them 20 blocks away from the city's financial and entertainment centers, as good a location as the team's likely to get.

Similarly, a proposed stadium for Miami's second MLS attempt involves land next to the new Miami Marlins monstrosity ballpark, not far from the downtown core. If David Beckham settled for this location, it'd still be far closer to the South Beach glitz than the Florida Panthers or Miami Dolphins.

Jozy Altidore reportedly didn't "settle" for MLS, in fact seeking it out and choosing Club US America Toronto FC over teams in Germany, Italy, and France. How intense that interest was remains to be seen.

With Toronto signing so many American players, their previous inclination towards the home-grown Poutine has declined. So while the creation of MLS has appeared to be a boon for the US Men, the Canadian National Team hasn't seen a similar resurgence. Could a Canadian Soccer League fix these problems?

You'll want to stab your eyes out after seeing these old New England Revolution kits.


Last year, Copa90 turned a lens to the Sounders. Over the weekend, a new video focused on Napoli.

US Soccer

The U-17 roster has been set, featuring no Sounders Academy guys but with plenty of MLS talent nonetheless.

The Nats will fail to get better when they're learning bad technique from an early age.