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Major Link Soccer: Sky Sports nabs MLS, Qatar cuts six stadia

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The Seattle Sounders play the New England Revolution tonight in their third game of the Desert Diamond Cup.

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images


The Seattle Sounders take on the New England Revolution at 5pm tonight in Tucson. We'll post a live feed as soon as it's available. There will be a few familiar faces across the sideline in this game, including Federal Way native and former Homegrown player Sean Okoli. Okoli has made it known he hopes to score against his former team Wednesday night. One new player eager to start his Seattle career is Cristian Roldan.

The Sounders are in their second week of training down in the Tucson desert.  Sunday was an off day for the team, and Monday was mostly a re-generation/hit the Go Pro day.

They are calling it an "Uphill battle to improve", but the Seattle Sounders season preview points out the obvious: The Sounders are an offensively-powered team which should make the playoffs.


Sky Sports will now be the only place to find MLS in the UK.

In case you missed it, February 28th starts "MLS Jersey Week" when all the teams in MLS will unveil their new Jerseys for the season. Sounder at Heart founder/lead guitar Dave Clark reported that the Sounders will unveil their new kits on March 5th, some Seattle fans decided to unveil their own "Concept Jerseys" now.

Very rarely does a professional athlete get a chance to be drafted twice like former US youth international Josh Lambo. Selected by FC Dallas in the 2008 MLS Draft, Lambo's soccer career fizzled and he switched to kicking footballs for Texas A&M. Lambo now has his sights set on the NFL.  I remember another goalkeeper that tried kicking in the NFL.

Golden Balls is realizing he doesn't have the golden touch when it comes to building a soccer stadium in south beach. Truth be told, David Beckham and his  team weren't ready for the cut throat politics of southern Florida. A year later, Beckham and Co. are still struggling to find a spot for Miami FC to play home games.

UEFA Champions League

Here's your Manchester City vs. Barcelona highlights and report, as well as Juventus vs. Borussia Dortmund highlights and report.

US Soccer

The U17 CONCACAF Championship will be played Feb 27 to March 15 in Honduras. 6 out of the 12 teams in the tournament will include MLS Academy players on their rosters. Canada will include 15 MLS academy players and the US will have 6.

Professional soccer player, UEFA Pro licensed coach, a teacher, and former USMNT player. Could American David Wagner be the solution for Borussia Dortmund? Heck, could he help US Soccer and Jurgen Klinsmann?

Growing up I watched all kinds of sports on TV, but one show caught my eye because of the soccer player in it. The Superstars was a competition that brought athletes from every sport together and had them compete in everything from an obstacle course to bowling. Three out of the first five years it was on TV the event was won by a little-known soccer player, Kyle Rote Jr. left the competition as a Superstar.

World Soccer

Qatar's World Cup bid no longer looks much like the version they submitted four years ago. On top of screwing with the whole soccer calendar and employing the "next-best-thing" to slavery, six of the original stadium ideas have now been scrapped. Two more will be added to meet FIFA's minimum requirements, but it begs the question: why would any country be honest about their FIFA bids? "Yes, we'll build two stadiums in the sky, and two more in the ocean!"

Not many people can pull off the hand tattoo, Mohawk, and bushy beard look.  It's all part of Raul Meireles' philosophy of "Badass Zen," plus he scores goals!

It's not known what caused a non-league Kingstonian keeper to jump in the stands and confront fans. What is known is that (according to video evidence) he had no chance.

Soccer players, like everyone else, are entitled to their beliefs. For Cristiano Lucarelli and Paolo Di Canio, their political beliefs (like their passion for soccer) helped shaped their careers.

Transfers in the soccer world happen in many different forms; some use soccer agents, some unknown agencies, others have signing on fees or bungs, and some are flat out under the table payments. In the end it's exactly as Rod Tidwell stated  "Show me the Money" is all that matters.

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