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SkySports needs to work on their PhotoShop skills

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Let's get this out of the way first: It's great that SkySports is now carrying MLS. Bringing our little league to England is definitely a positive. But that shouldn't shield them from the scorn they richly deserve for the PhotoShopping in this promo.

Both Robbie Keane and Steven Gerrard seem to have had their heads placed on someone else's body. That's especially weird considering there should be plenty of photos of Keane, maybe even ones where he's menacingly folding his arms. Looking at their exposed arms, it also appears as though the same body was used for both players. Why? I have no idea!

Admittedly, this last part is a bit nit-picky (but still...) why do they have "Keane-head" and "Gerrard-head" wearing last year's shirt? Not only does it have the old MLS logo, but it has the U.S. flag (which Frank Lampard's shirt is missing) and the Galaxy crest with "only" four stars above it.

Anyway, thanks for covering MLS, SkySports!