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This is not Sounders' new away shirt, but it gives us some big hints

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We're less than a week away from the Seattle Sounders officially unveiling their kits, and while the primary shirt has been leaked there has not been any images of the secondary one to surface on the internet. The ProShop, however, has apparently started selling these:

These are clearly not actual shirts that will be worn on the field. Everything about them is wrong, from the size of the logos to the fabric to the deep v-neck cut ... everything. More likely, they are some kind of "woman's fashion" replica.

But they also appear to be at least modeled on an actual kit and there are surely some clues about how the Sounders will look on the rare occasion that they aren't in rave green.

It's already been reasonably well established that the Sounders' secondary kits will be primarily white. So, that's not a huge shock. We can probably also fairly assume that they'll have some kind of striping, a feature thats been pretty clear in the primary kits, as well as green accents.

Will those stripes be some kind of gray? We can only hope not as they look absolutely hideous on these shirts. Fingers crossed.