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Player Profile: #11 Zach Scott

No player embodies the plucky spirit of the lower division club that could more than Scott. He's a legend. Every part about his legend is not about great skills and attributes. He succeeds through sheer force of will.

Likkit and Mike Russell

Scott's story is well known. He walked on to the USL Sounders. Zach was the last man to make the 2009 Seattle Sounders FC MLS roster. Nothing about Zach Scott says he should be a professional soccer player, nothing except the fact that he has more than 300 appearances, more than 10 seasons and more heart than tens of thousands more storied professionals.

Scott entered 2014 as the deepest of depth. As in 2013 it was another year where he was clearly the best he's ever been. Through hard work, knowledge of the game and being Zach Scott he became Chad Marshall's best partner at centerback. It is time to stop doubting Scott. It is time to recognize that he is a legend and you never doubt legends.

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Not one to break under pressure, Scott's short passing is strong. He rarely pushes his limits with middle length balls. Of Seattle's defenders he is the most accurate long ball passer on the club. Only Alonso is significantly better than Scott in long balls. For all the critique of Seattle being a "boot it from the back team" Scott isn't even among the top 20 MLS CBs in the league for completed long passes. Is a valuable threat on set-pieces and will score.


A game reader and a hard tackler. Scott only wins 51% of his duels, because normally he doesn't need to duel. He wins. Can be beat for speed. Is prone to dangerous cards, but not dangerous fouls. Scott is an excellent set-piece defender despite his small size.


Slower, tired, older, but he plays. Scott throws his entire existence into every moment of the game.

Best Case 2015:

Chad Marshall's partner on a top three defense in the league.