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Major Link Soccer: Orlando City aims for 60k

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There's a lot of leaking going on this week, and it isn't just the shirts.

The mad genius
The mad genius
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


Fanshotted yesterday, here is Chad Barrett doing Seattle's version of the Wall Street bell ring.


Depending on what one defines as a sieve's purpose, The MLS Jersey Reveal is either doing a terrific job, or a terrifically poor one. In fact, the real story out of Jersey Week (not the week dedicated to those who lost their souls on the set of Jersey Shore, THE OTHER JERSEY WEEK) will be if there's any actual story at all. Feast your eyes on the road jerseys for Columbus Crew (black) and DC United (red).

In dealing with Montreal Impact for the top spot in the Allocation Order (which became Sacha Kljestan), The New York Red Bulls may have traded away a player they didn't actually have the rights to.

A month from opening day, expansion side Orlando City has sold about 11,000 season tickets and another thousand-dozen single-game tickets for the home opener against New York City FC. That's nothing though: the new hashtag #Fillthebowl is attempting to sell off the other 37,000 available seats at the Citrus Bowl and make it one of the largest-attended soccer matches in U.S. history. They only have one month to nearly triple the number of tickets sold. Meanwhile, the abject failure NYCFC has sold 13,000 season ticket packages.

To the relief of many a traveling supporter, this year Providence Park will be making improvements to its dripping, ineffective plumbing. New troughs are going in (just for the guys... I assume?) and once they're caulked up will be ready for a stream of drunken fans to piss their money away. As always, thanks to Portland for providing such low-hanging fruit.

For the LA Galaxy, the loss of Landon Donovan cannot entirely be quantified in numbers. The space he occupied will not easily be filled by a single player. With teams no longer needing to man him up, will his former teammates continue to find Sound of Music levels of grass?

Previously thought to be dead at the hands of Mickey Mouse himself, MLS Live will return for the 2015 season (albeit at a higher price.) Is the package still worth it?

Liga MX continues to be a TV Bahamut even on this side of the US/Mexican border. People (like me) who routinely undersell Univision's slice of the pie are wrong (like me.)


The USA women lost 2-0 in a friendly with France yesterday afternoon, and it's bringing out the Negative Nellies. But it's easy to see what the team did wrong in the latest defeat to the 3rd ranked team in the world: Sydney Leroux wasn't in the starting lineup. Head Coach Jillian Ellis is sure going to feel silly when she wakes up this morning and realizes her mistake.

Jurgen Klinsmann's comments on fitness continue to perplex people familiar with the Nats, including a former USA fitness coach who you've probably seen before. But perhaps it is all... part of the PLAN.


It's obvious that the Beautiful Game is played differently in some countries than in others. This is why MLS has the reputation for being a "physical league." But as in most matters, Scotland laughs at our conceptions of manliness:

Ivory Coast is the champion of the Africa Cup of Nations tournament, after knocking of Ghana. The match was 0-0 and went to penalties, not ending until the keeper for Ivory Coast lined up to take his shot.

While on the west coast they were celebrating, out East Egypt was mourning after fans clashed with police. At least 22 were dead after the latest violence between soccer supporters and the government.